Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is a disease that occurs when the affected has seen an attractive specimen of the Asian race.

Just The Facts

  1. Yellow fever is directly related to Asians.
  2. Cases of yellow fever have not only been seen in males, but females as well.

The Origin of Evil

Some suspect that "Yellow Fever" (also referred to as "Rice Fever") has a history dating back to the mid 20th century, when after World War II Asians came in droves from Asia, seeking a better life in America because we all know America isn't a shit hole at all. In time, their cute asian demeanors and incomprehensible languages followed by the occasional tittering behind their palms whenever they spotted the average american male's junk, slowly creeped its way into the average caucasoid male and started to spread into any american male it could find, disregarding age, gender, or race.

(One for cleaning, one for cooking, and one to "love me long time".)


Common symptoms of Yellow Fever include:

  • Sudden loss of thought
  • Excessive salivation upon seeing an asian
  • Slight dementia (Thinking that Sandra Oh is hot, but moreso watching Grey's Anatomy in the first place)

  • An unhealthy interest in Asian pop culture (anime, asian food restaurants, Japanese game shows, video games)
  • Poor decision making (Asking Asians to help you with math homework, learn kung fu, or thinking you have a chance with one if you aren't rich or if they are a foreign exchange student.)
  • Unexpected sterility or castaration (due to asking an Asian female if her vagina is sideways)

The Cure

An exact proven cure for Yellow Fever is not yet known; Some simply wake up from it one day and are no longer affected, Some end up rationalizing when their bank account is grossly overdrawn. Some end up realizing that the person of their Asian fantasy is transgendered.

"I didnt know she had a penis, honest."