Stone Temple Pilots

STP began in 1992 with a sound, that would sell millions. Why they were so uncool though, was for the fact, that in the early 90's if you owned a guitar, were in your 20's but your name was not Kurt Cobain nor Eddie Cheddar - you didn't exist.

six years in space didn't change them

Voice-training 101

Just The Facts

  1. None of them fly planes
  2. Any true fan will know just what brand of motor oil to buy
  3. STP is the greatest band in the world


Legend goes, that Weiland and bassist Robert Deleo dated the same woman when they first met. Now what any common man would do; they forgot about the girl, moved into her apartment (after she left) and started to write songs together. STP scored big success with their first two albums "Core" (1992) and "Purple" (1994) . Their first hit single being "Sex Type Thing" (the song's meaning was explained more in detail on the latter day single "Vasoline").Other hits included "Plush" and "Interstate Love Song". As with most bands breaking through, it's not easy to deal with too much intercourse and getting past every restaurant queue; so drugs entered Scott Weiland's life, making him to the top of celebrity death list and sink on the album charts. Third album "Tiny Music - Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop" (1996), was awarded the most nonsensical album title of all-time, but it showed the band's ability to move into another direction musically (translation; the fan-losing direction). STP had adopted a more 70's style glam and pop influenced sound, and all of the sudden critics started to like them. After a couple more moderately successful albums and a five month jail-stay for Scott, the singer and guitarist Dean Deleo, decided to have a boxing match after a gig in late 2002, they decided not to kill each other but take a six-year vacation, which meant they'd wait till someone offers them enough money to get back. During the hiatus Weiland sang in Velvet Revolver, with ex-Guns N' Roses guys, happy to work with someone so the opposite of Axl Rose. After a few successful albums, and to everyone's massive shock VR broke up, and in 2008 the refreshed and drug-free Stone Temple Pilots reformed and started touring the US and talks of a new album began. And if you don't go see them live?


Scott Weiland - lead vocalist, main offender

Known for his ever-changing looks and never-changing self-destruction, Weiland should probably deserve a whole Guinness World Records- book dedicated to his arrests, rehab-stays and hair-dying expenses. To get a picture of how bad his drugging once was; he lived a month in the same hotel room with Courtney Love.

Those things aside, he's hell of a front man though. Combining his influences like Bowie, Lennon and Jim Morrison in his singing, we got one of today's few vocalists that actually keep the real rock alive, himself barely breathing. Like no one else from his generation, Scott finally realized that drugs hadn't been popular in music since the 60's, and he quit them.

Robert Deleo - bass, made man

When not busy auditioning for a part in 'Sopranos', Robert plays the bass with a distinctive style. While We're sure STP are more than happy with their commercial success, you can be sure if you don't give these guys the right percentage of royalties, Robby -Four Strings will leave a horse head in your bed.

Dean Deleo - guitar

Distorted riffs, unusual chords, blazing solos and career stopping boxing matches are his trademarks.

Eric Kretz - drums, participating in Owen Wilson lookalike contests

Apparently Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, wasn't the only drummer looking like a famous comedian.

Hot chicks all ages, report to papa Weiland after the show!