Venture Brothers

venture brothers is the animated action/comedy that aired in 2003 on adult swim it stars two teen-agers hank venture and dean venture,there bad ass bodyguard Brock Samson,and rusty venture the father .

the main cast to venture bro.

He didnt have his coffee this morning.

Just The Facts

  1. Brock Samsons estimated kill count is at 5,345 .
  2. Hank venture is kind of a pussy.

Venture bro.

The Venture Brothers first aired in 2003 on Adult Swim,created by Doc Hammer and Jackson Pubick. it normally aired at 12:00 but this wa schanged when th fourth season was set to preimeire on october 18 and new episodes now air on sundays at 11:00. the main characters are Rusty Venture his two, sons Hank and Dean accompinied by there secret agent body guard brock samson .