Candy Corn

A brief summary of the Most Delicious Vegetable Known to Man.

My vote for greatest picture ever (Modified to include more candy corn, and less nudity)

Just The Facts

  1. Average recommended amount of vegetables is 3-5 servings daily
  2. An average bag of Candy Corn is 3-4 servings
  3. See where i'm going with this?

Candy Corn in History

Candy Corn was brought down from the heavens on a burning white chariot at the dawn of creation by God himself.
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Over the centuries it's involvement in the evolution of man is well documented. It is no doubt the catalyst for evolution, as well as a possible clean burning fuel source. (See Darwin)
Darwin's Origin of Species
I admit I only skimmed it, but I'm sure it's in there
Others will state so called facts about it being invented in the 1880's by George Rinninger, but currently all Candy Corn production is done by harvesting the deadly Candy Corn Stalker and packaging its remains for the masses.
Artist Rendering
Artist Rendering- It feeds on children and adorable puppies
No matter your beliefs Candy Corn was first nationally distributed in the 1800's and since than has become a staple of the fall/Halloween season.


Candy Corn - the OG a tripartite of deliciousness featuring a combo of yellow orange and white.
Indian Corn - Candy Corn that has assimilated itself with a small amount of chocolate. Almost as good, but not as healthy for you.
Autumn Mix - Oh God it's amazing. You've got candy corn, You've got Indian corn, and you have the rare candy pumpkin which is actually a fruit, and amazingly delicious, so bonus points there.