The Walking Dead

WARNING! If you have a fear of spoilers go to Wikipedia or something you pussy. The Walking Dead is comic following survivors of a zombie outbreak written by a chap called Robert Kirkman. The story shows how humans are the monsters and all that crap.


Not monsters

Sorta like a young Santa aint he?

Just The Facts

  1. Consider this equation.
  2. Zombies are several kinds of awesome.
  3. Comics aimed at an older audiance can be awesome (See Watchmen)
  4. Robert Kirkman has a sick mind. Making him perfect for the zombie genre.
  5. Ergo. Zombies + adult comic + Robert Kirkman = The walking dead + several zombie lovers having a nerdgasm.

The characters

Since there is far to many people to go into to much detail about them I'll just mention the main players in the story. All deaths are accurate of volume 10 so don't bitch because I don't get the issues.

The Grimes Family

This happy lot is the Grimes. On the left we have Rick. He can be considered the closest thing to a main character in the series. Before the outbreak he was a cop so the group treats him as the defacto leader. Seems like a solid, dependable and mentaly stable chap doesn't he? Think again. On more than one ocassion he has went apeshit and tried to kill whatever he has deemed a danger to the group at that present time. A good guy to have in a fight just don't piss him off or he will try to kill you in his next crazy trip. It's worth noting that after losing his hand in Woodbury (getting to that) he has boarded the crazy train more often. I have a theory that his hand was some sort of robo hand/factory attached at birth to keep his crazy in check with funky robo drugs, but I could be wrong who knows. Anyways Rick is still alive and kicking unlike Dale (Injoke!). Rick is currently alive.

Next up on the right we have Ricks wife Lori. She was sort of a ying to Ricks yang (keep the "yang sounds like wang" jokes to yourself). If Lori didn't trust a bunch of inmates in a prison Rick would insist at least on not throwing them out. If Lori didn't want her son Carl learning how to use guns then dammit Rick would teach him then give him one to carry. To get to the point you could tell what Rick was going to do by learning Loris opinion. I actually can't find a part where the two agreed on something substantial. Lori died in the attack on the prison by the Govenor. She is currantly a voice in Ricks head. Yes really.

In the middle we have young Carl. Seems like a regular kid doesn't he. Look at his eyes. Can you feel it? Can you feel them piercing into your very soul? Mocking you? Judging you? Deeming you unworthy of life? Plotting with relish the moment he can slit your throat while you sleep? If you can then... you should see someone because I think he just looks like they ran out of Coco pops. This picture of Carl is before the crazy gene Rick has passed on has kicked in. Back then he was a carefree gun toting child who had killed his dad's best friend. "The fuck?" is what you may be asking right now.

Due to a lack of time to work on it this topic is currantly unfinished.