A 1979 Sci-Fi horror film. Directed by Ridley Scott. The film introduces cinema's most iconic extraterrestrial (Fuck you,ET) the Alien.

Considering there's no oxygen in space, who the fuck would try scream?

Just The Facts

  1. The film was inspired by a movie called "Dark star" Which featured a spray-painted beachball. Nice.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, the titular Alien is potrayed by an actual person. Man-giant Bolaji Badejo was the man in the monster.
  3. Thinking the ship and the skeleton looked too small, Scott put three children in space-suits to make it look better,the children nearly passed out from heat.Ridley Scott.Proud RSPCA member.
  4. Spawned one of the greatest Sci-Fi franchises ever.


Alien follows the crew of spaceship Nostromo, as they journey to earth with a payload of Ore. The crew is:Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) . Ash (Ian Holme) , Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) , Dallas (Tom Skerritt) ,Kane (John Hurt) Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) , Parker (Yaphet Kotto) .

While in stasis, the crew awakens when a strange signal is received, The Company, Being the corporate bastard's they are, send the Nostromo to investigate. Let's just take a closer look at this decision-In the vast emptiness of space a distress call is going to be one of two things: 1) A spaceship with a mutinous crew/crazed passenger intent on killing all the people in the name of some little green men. 2) Anything that's not a spaceship should be avoided simply because, YOU'RE IN SPACE!!!!!WHICH MEANS ITS SOMETHING FROM SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHICH MEANS ITS A FUCKING ALIEN.

Upon landing on the planet where the signal originated, dallas,Kane and Lambert find the source of the beacon. A derelict spacship containing a freaking huge skeleton.

"Dude, check his pockets!"

"Jeff he's a skeleton"

"Oh yeah. . . . .Check his Anus!"

They stumble across some vagina-eggs, a spider like creature (Facehugger) attaches to Kane's helmet and he goes unconcious. Ripley refuses Dallas and Lambert entry with Kane's body. Reasoning there could be an infection. Ash disobey's Ripley and allows the entry.Ash and Dallas attempt to remove the creature, after cutting the creature, the crew learn it's blood is extremely corrosive. Eventually the creature detaches and dies.

Kane awakens, he seems unharmed. At breakfast everyone is cheery and happy until. . .

Then. . .

That's what i call a packed lunch.

The creaure (Chestburster) runs off, prompting the crew to fashion some make-shift prods and flame-throwers. Armed with these crude weapons they look for the little critter Brett, the brains of the operation follows Jones'the ships cat, into a large room. He is killed by the fully-grow Alien. Dallas has the brilliant idea of getting into an enclosed space with this thing. As Dallas crawls through the air-shafts the team watches on a monitor, in admittedly, one of the most tense scenes in cinema. The creature ambushes Dallas. Lambert suggests the four remaining survivor's escape on the shuttle.

While accessing the ship's computer, Ripley learns Ash sucks, and is ordered to bring the Alien back to earth, even if it means the crew's life. Ash and Ripley have a fight, Ash is about to kill her before Parker decapitates him with a. . . .Fire extinguisher? . Planning to blow up the ship and escape on the escape shuttle. As they are collecting supplies Parker is attacked as Lambert just stares like a retard. Ripley finds the two dead. Ripley starts the self-destruct system, then heads for the shuttle. She narrowly escapes the blast.

Ripley prepares to enter stasis in one of the most indecisive scenes ever.

Ellen Ripley. Hot or Not?

Ripley discover's the Alien is on board. She slips into a space-suit and opens the emergency hatch. The Alien is tethered to the ship when Ripley shoots it with a grappling gun. The Alien attempts to climb into the engine. Ripley turns on the engines, burning the Alien. Ripley and Jones the cat, the only survivor's, enter stasis for the journey to earth.

The Alien.

Stage 1-Facefugger.

The Facehugger emerges from an egg (Laid by the Queen, as learned in Aliens) when it sense something it can quite simply "Facefuck" laying it's eggs in the victim's chest. The facehugger detaches when this is finished and dies.

Stage 2-Chestburster.

After gestating, creature forces its way through the ribs and into the open. Killing the host. The creature the finds food and sort of chills until the next stage.

Stage 3-Alien.

After maturing, the Chestburster turns into that big motherfucker you see above.The skin is resilliant, it can be penetrated but is still pretty tough. It's blood is very corrosive and is dangerous if got on skin. The Alien uses it's razor-sharp claws and tail to attack it's victims. Apart from it's sizeable teeth the predator's tongue has a jaw mechanism used the puncture victim's skulls.

Sequels and spin-offs.

Aliens was released in 1986, directed by James Cameron. The sequel follows Ripley as she is sent to LV426 with a team of Colonial Marines to investigate when it goes dark.

Alien 3 followed on in 1992. Things went downhill in 1997 with Aliens:Ressurrection, It focused on a cloned Ripley (See end of Alien3) team up with Android Winona Ryder to stop the Aliens.

In 2004 the "Geniuses" at FOX greenlit an Aliens Vs Predator. A combination of the two iconic franchises. What should have been the best thing ever turned into an all out crap-fest. The human's were boring, the Aliens were tamed and the Predator's, well the Predator's were just plain sucky. Honestly the best armed hunter's in the universe get they're ass hande to them by the Aliens.

"Whoever wins, We lose". No, (SPOILER) the Predator who in the last few films have been shown to kill human's every time they breath, suddenly bitches out and helps the human's. Fuck you, Predator. You're dead to me.

In 2007, FOX seeing how "well" (Badly) AvP did they greenlit a sequel. Admittedly the sequel was better, not great but still better. Showing a more badass predator fighting some old-school Aliens was a sight for sore eyes. Also this fugly-ass fucker popped up called a Predalien (Predator+Alien.Get it?).

A number of comics have been released. Some have memorable crossover's. Alien Vs Batman, FTW???

Alien has had little success in video-games. Although promising upcoming game. Aliens:Colonial Marines puts you in the boots of a marine sent to Fury 161 (The setting of Alien3) . An FPS that will play like a survival horror. The game allows you access to all the weapons in a colonial's arsenal, including the pulse rifle, flame thrower and turret.