Spike Lee

Probably one of the most known directors, even though I cant recall that ive ever seen one of his movies. I think anyone would agree including spike lee saying he is a useless piece of garbage.

I mean with denzel washington in a movie you would think it would be great, wrong

i mean spike lee doesnt even wanna see a spike lee movie, cause he knows that they are a piece of shit

Just The Facts

  1. Spike Lee renamed himself from Shelton Jackson probably cause he figured it would get him into a lawsuit named after Michael
  2. Im suprized a retard like this is smart enough to find his way out of his house let alone to direct a movie

Spike lees career summary

Well atlanta has had to of came out with something better then the birth of Spike lee. For fuck sakes there is nothing good to say about Atlanta.

However i was able to find out that they announced that there were new discoveries in Egypt, well fuck this is as boring as fuck but hey its atleast better the Spike Lee's movies that are as intresting as watching the mating rituals of a hippopotamus.

To conclude id recomend noone watch one of his movies, unless of course it is a dying wish of a friend or loved one.