The Mummy

A 1932 movie. Starring Boris Karloff as a crusty old fucker in bandages. The laughing stock of the monster community.

This all of them laughing at you, bandage head.

Sad face.

Just The Facts

  1. One of the "Big Four". (Dracula,Frankenstein,Wolman,Mummy).
  2. The film is inspired by the story of Tutankhamun.
  3. The film's actress Zita Johann was chosen because she believed in reincarnation.
  4. Boris Karloff had to go through extensive make-up appliance and removal. He said it was "The most trying experience".Bitch.


During an Archeological dig in Egypt, the Archeologist's who are supposed to be smart, accidentially bring Imotep to life.(Who was Mummified for trying to ressurect his lover). How the hell do you accidentially read a life giving spell? Think about it, if everyone in the vicinity is alive and kicking, reading a spell to give life is obvously going to bring something dead back to life.So don't fucking do it.Being dead for so long, has understandibly left Imhotep a little bit horny.So he looks for his booty call.

Imhotep convinces two archeologists that he is a normal Egyptian,Considering he's been dead for hundreds of years,he must smell like a rat's ass-crack.

"Hey Bob,That guy kinda smelled funky."

"Ed,they all smell like that."

They take his directions to a tomb.They find the tomb.Imhotep finds a woman who resembles his lover.He tries to make her all Mummy-like and shit, but before he can She prays and Isis magicly shoots a beam,He burst into flames and is all like Aaaah.Then he dies.The end.

The remake(Sort of).

In 1999 Scott Summers directed a semi-remake starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.

The film is Brendan Fraser running around screaming for 124 minutes.

The whole film.

Power's and (Lack of) abilities.

In the original film the Mummy is invulnerable to conventional weapons,And can grow young that's it.No strength,no transforming(Except for sand,but that just sucks),no mind control.

Boris, you suck.

Later versions shoehorned in lots of random abilities,oh and made the Mummy Arnold Vosloo.

Oh yes.