South Park

South Park is a show about the misadventures of four elementary school boys in the mountains of Colorado, where "wacky hijinks" often involve aborted fetuses and murder.

Just The Facts

  1. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone met in film school.
  2. Thery once had an episode that featured the uncensored word "Shit" 162 times
  3. Features a talking piece of crap as a character.

Main/Important Characters

Stan Marsh

One of the "Straight Man" characters. Stan is a good student in school, and suffers horribly at the hands of his bitchy older sister Shelly, and his retarded father, Randy. He is best friends with Kyle, and has an on again/off again relationship with Wendy Testaburger


Kyle Broflovski

Kyle is "Straight Man" number two. He is the only Jewish kid in South Park, is best friends with Stan, and is a "Day Walker", a ginger without freckles that can wealk under the sun wihout crisping like bacon. He hates Cartman more than the others, mostly for his anti-semetic beliefs. He hates Cartman so much that Cartman's success once lead him to develope a life-threatening hemmeroid.


Kenny McCormick

Kenny used to die all the time, now he dies occasionally, and is often addicted to mind altering substances. You still can't understand him because his hood covers his mouth, but he is a big fan of what he calls "titties". (Aren't we all?") He is poor white trash, but very knowledgeable about sex .


Eric Cartman

If Hitler had a fat retarded clone, it would be Cartman. He hates Jews, worships Mel Gibson, and epitomizes what people hate about fat kids. Her has successfully engineered plots to kill people, fed a kid his parents, created life from semen and brine shrimp, and once put Butters' weiner in his mouth.


Herbert Garrison

Mr. Garrison is the kid's teacher. He's gay, he was a woman for a while, we're not sure but he might be straight now. Though he is gay, he hates "fags". While he was a woman, he was a lesbian, and had an affair with Richard Dawkins. If you are confused, then join the club.

Mr. Garrison

Randy Marsh

Stan's dad. Randy is every dumb asshole who ever had kids; he is an alchoholic, he cheats so his kid will win, he ignores his family, loves to take a shit, plays guitar and once said the N-word on live television (haven't all of our fathers?). He is a geologist and fan of disgusting internet porn.


Leopold "Butters" Stotch

Butters is a little ray of sunshine in South Park. he is a sweet innocent little boy who doesn't have the heart to hurt anyone. Needless to say, he is a victim. He has an alter ego, Professor Chaos, but he sucks at evil. Butters is gullible, loves Bennegin's, and was once almost murdered by his mother, after he accidentally informed her that her husband, Butters' father, was jerking off to gay porn and fucking other men.

Butters, being sold to Paris Hilton.