Afros are interesting creatures, best known for their fluffy exterior and bad reaction to wet weather. Afros are parasites that generally reside on top of human heads.

Seriously, combs out of hair

Just The Facts

  1. Afros are large balls of hair living on the top of your head
  2. Some people take it to far
  3. Rainbow afros are a great way to show you are not funny in any way


Afros. They are big fuzzy and potentialy dangerous. They do many things including taking up all your free time, sitting on your head, and kidnapping small children. Okay we lied on the last on but its defintely possible to get lost in one.

Johnny! Can you hear me!

these days there are a lot fewer white guys with huge afros than there were and afros on a whole are being used for other purposes. Like bad comedy. Seriously everyone who has ever thought they are funny has worn an afro wig at one time or another.

Like this guy.

Most people with afros these days have them to get cheap laughs or just be strange.But some still have natural afros and we respect them to an extent.

If you dont respect this guy he'll kill your ass

afros, a history

In the 1860s people called "moss- haired" girls wore afros. When somebody calls your hair moss you know somthings wrong. Also there are things known as "Jewfros". The funny part is we didnt make that up. Its a really curly afro that got the name Jewfro for whatever reason wikipedia can think up. But this article is probably more reliable anyway. BURN, wikipedia!



cracked on afros

Its good cheap humor put it on anything that normaly it shouldent be on and boom a funny picture. Would not recomend ever getting one. It makes you look CRAZY. And your hair can be used as a confortable chair.