Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a japanese action rpg that's pretty much japan's more badass world of warcraft.

don't mess up!!!!


Just The Facts

  1. Monster hunter is one of the highest selling games in japan
  2. there are currently 8 games in the series, including an mmorpg
  3. A manga called Monster Hunter Orage is being published
  4. ioprey are gay

Why is this game awesome?

YOU KILL FREAKIN DRAGONS! Thats not it though, you also get badass armor and weapons, how? Well after killing the mighty beast, you carve their bodies for materials to make those armor and weapons.

Just think of yourself as a medieval knight mixed with a native american.


Yes, you get cats as sidekicks.

Why are ioprey so fuckin gay

Ioprey are annoying by nature, it's their purpose in life.

Just don't catch their body.

What are dummies?

They don't exist.