Ultimate Marvel

A collection of stories in a reimagined, modernised Marvel universe. Rather then the Family Friendly style of Marvel. the Ultimate line is all Sex, Drugs (Technically Super-soldier serum, but just go with it) and um, teenage awkwardness?

Hate to be the guy they're all jumping at.

Just The Facts

  1. The universe's heroes are notably younger, also most of the older character's are kind of Asshole's.
  2. Shield plays a more central role. Nick Fury recruits heroes into his "Ultimates" (Read:Avengers)and arrests illegal genetic mods.
  3. Nick Fury is based on Samuel L. Jackson.Making him the baddest muthaFucka in the universe.

Ultimate overview.

In the Ultimate universe most of the heroe's power's are results of the Super-soldier project, an attempt to recreate the serum that turned wimpy Steve Roger's into No-prefix-Needed-Captain America. Cap was presumed dead after plunging into arctic waters. For example Peter Parker gets his powers after being bitten by a serum-injected spider at an Oscorp lab. Norman is competing with other companies for Military contracts.

Captain America's body is recovered by Shield prompting the formation of The Ultimates (More later). Bruce Banner, another casualty of the Super-soldier project creates The Hulk after injecting himself with an experimental formula. Also Shield is shown as a more Militiaristic operation, having Spec ops and Shadow teams. Nick Fury is potrayed as darker, At one point straight out telling Parker that when he turns 18 he's Fury's bitch.

Another major factor is Mutant's. There is a more Racist tone in this universe. Countries government's conducting illegal experiments on Mutants to create more Super-Soldiers. Wolverine is shown to be the progenitor of the Mutant gene, due to those dastardley scientists at the Weapon X project. Magneto is shown to be 10x more evil and 100x more bat-shit insane. Drowning Manhattan in the Ultimatum story-arc, causing several heroes deaths such as Daredevil, Beast, Dazzler and Nightcrawler. That last one is retarded considering his power is teleportation.Darwin says let him die.

Now a list of the main players:

"I need a hero!".

The Ultimates are made up of Cap America-Injected with the Super-soldier serum, he became the peak of psyhical perfection. He fought during WW2, but got dropped in the Arctic. Years later he is recovered and leads the ultimates. Iron Man-Born with his whole body as a brain, Tony Stark gets shitfaced easily, which is all the time, even in suit. Thor-An eco terrorist, who is also the beard wearin-hammer throwin God of Thunder. Hank&Janet Pym-One goes small, the other goes big,they both kick the shit out of each other, wait,what? Hank beats Janet in one of the most awkward comic scenes ever. The Black Widow-Never trust a Russisan, especially one that bangs Tony in a toilet. Classy. Hawkeye-Expert marksman and Family man. Quicksilver&Scarlet Witch-One word. Incest. Also the Hulk appears every so often and smashes EVERYTHING.

The ultimates fight any threat even lizard aliens. FTW? They are betrayed by Black Widow and America is invaded by a foreign version of the Ultimates. They eventually win but Hawkeye's family are killed and he goes apeshit swaps his bow for dual-pistols. They then seperate from Shield and work independantly.

Ultimate Spider-Man has arguably the hardest time of all the super-heroes, half his villian's know his secret identity, he has been cloned numerous times, he saves everyone and gets no thanks. Peter's villian's have been drasticley reimagined:Green Goblin-Now a fireball chucking Demon. Doc Ock-Can control metal. RHINO-A midget in a mech suit. Vulture-An aging Shield agent. Spidey's powers remain mostly the same.

The X-men are still Mutants living in a mansion with creepy old guy. Wolverine-A hitman sent to kill Xavier, but instead finds love (In Jean's pants) . Cyclops-Shoots laser's from his eyes and leads the team. Beast-Turned blue and furry by Weapon X. Iceman-Ice powers+hormones=awkward sex life. Collossus-Russian steel giant. Jean Gray-Telekinetic, has a phoenix force. Storm-Street thief who can control the weather.

The X-men spend they're time fighting Magneto. They get they're ass whipped. Mainly because their two best fighters are made of metal. Sending them against the "Master of Magnetism" isn't the hottest idea.

The Fantastic Four are geeks. Plain and simple. They got they're powers because of that and do fuck all with them. After teleporting through the N-Zone gave Reed elasticity, Sue invisibility and forcefield, Ben durabilty of stone, Johnny the power of fire and flight.

The FF spend they're time answering the other heroes question's about genetics, physics and why they suck so much.


As part of Magneto's plan, Manhattan was flooded by a giant tidal wave. Most of the heroes died. (The one time Aquaman would have been useful) . Everyone who's left team's up and kills the shit out of Magneto. Manhattan in ruin, the remaining heroes rebuild. And everyone lives happily ever after.

Actually, what about all the dead people? or the after effects? or the fact any villian could take over the world while every hero is drying their tights?

Is having a cold, scientific, realistic world better then one with magic, different universes and alternate realites? Is it?

"Hell yeah!!!!"