The Amazon Kindle

Ever wanted a book that cost $260? Well, you now no longer need to bear the stigma of using actual paper like your granddad thanks to the Amazon Kindle! Plus, you can now torrent books as well as films!

Viruses - coming soon to books!

Just The Facts

  1. Amazon once deleted copies of - ironically - 1984 from everyone's Kindles after they paid for it
  2. When you buy ebooks, you're not buying anything, just ones and zeros on a device which will eventually die

The Kindle

Ebook readers are the next new amazing innovation, which where invented because someone realised that they wern't making book piracy easy enough, and the tech companies still wern't making money off of books, so the Kindle was one of these devices created so that even if a person does not own a TV and only wants to read books, they are still buying a fucking expensive gadget.

To get books onto the Kindle, you buy them DRM'd from Amazon, and no matter what country you're in the prices show up in dollars and the dictionary only works in English, because the whole world is just like America.

You can then read books until the screen dies or you have already sold your soul and given all your life savings to Amazon to get nothing in return.

The advantages!

Clearly a device that does the same as books but requires a network connection and recharging has many benefits!

Just like a real book, the screen is glare-free and easy to read, and you own more than one and everything!

Plus, if you buy one of these and already own books, you get to buy all of them all over again, this time DRM'd! Dosen't that sound so fun?