Haunted Houses

Haunted Houses have been around since people have been able to convince other people that there are ghosts inside and for a small price, they can experience whatever it is you experience in a haunted house. Usually disappointment.

this assumes you have something to use for your haunted house

actual house in horrorville

Just The Facts

  1. "Haunted House" used to actually mean something, such as a death of some sort took place there.
  2. Now they are low budget places that waste ten minutes of your life you won't be able to get back.
  3. they have been known to make small children cry, and cause older children to laugh at them. so there is that.

How it used to be

When haunted houses first gained popularity, they had actual events that could not be explained easily. Stuff would fall off of tables by itself, doors would open and shut on their own accord, voices would call out, you know, actually startling events. Some of the sites were proven to be nothing more than the imagination of the owner, or an elaborate hoax, but other places still carry their "haunted" title up to today. People spend good amounts of money traveling and visiting these places with hopes of experiencing something "paranormal". Now, the same events happen, but they are performed by people who are bored and need some extra cash before the holiday season starts up.

Why are we fooled so easily?

People like being scared. Horror is one of the most popular movie genres. Events that happen to you that you can't explain are exciting, even if no one believes you. And plus, what if the ghost is hot and wants to fuck you? That would be pretty sweet, once you worked out the logistics. It might also make for the most ridiculous and epic (if you get away with it) excuse in human history if you get caught masturbating.there was totally a ghost in here. like two seconds ago. you seriously just missed him.

Try it sometime and tell us if it works. But don't blame us if you are disowned because of it.