The Evil Dead

The Evil Dead is the first film in the series of the same name. It is the beginning of main character Ash's legacy.

Just The Facts

  1. The film was released October 15, 1981, and grossed $2,400,000 in the U.S.
  2. The film gave rise to a trilogy of films, the other two being "Evil Dead II" and "Army of Darkness"
  3. The film was Bruce Campbell's first real movie, "Within The Woods" being considered a pilot.
  4. And, as we all know, Bruce Campbell is "the balls".

A Brief History:

The Evil Dead was produced by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Robert Tapert; and written and directed by Sam Raimi. In 1979, the trio had accumulated $375,000 after showing their thirty-minute demo of Within The Woods to local investors. They then began filming in Morristown, Tennessee. The film starred Bruce Campbell as Ashley "Ash" Williams, the character he is best known for.

How could anyone forget this legendarity?

The Story:

The film opens with five Michigan State University students(Ash, Ash's sister Cheryl, Ash's girlfriend Linda, Scotty, and Scotty's girlfriend Shelly) traveling to an isolated cabin in the mountains of Tennessee for a weekend. After crossing the Tennessee border, they encounter "minor" car problems, which involves: almost crashing into an oncoming truck, dodging the truck by almost running the vehicle off of the damn road, and honking at two complete strangers(who are later revealed as Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert); They cross a bridge that almost collapses before they cross it, and boards actually falling off of the bridge as they cross it.

Not quite like this, but you get the idea.

As they creep onto the property, they are startled by the porch swing swaying back and forth, despite the fact that it's obviously blowing in the wind.

As the bulk of the group begins unpacking, Scotty shows his stupidity by aimlessly wandering until he finds a psychotic toolshed, filled with an assortment of serial killer weapons. Then, suddenly, it's nighttime, and something is bound to happen. We watch as Cheryl has a nervous breakdown, and draws the shittiest interpretation of the Book of the Dead ever.

Pictured above: On the left, a scary book. On the right, FAIL.

Then the movie jumps to the group around the dinner table, and Cheryl is completely fine. Ash gives a toast in some foreign language, and when Scotty see's that the group is confused, he exclaims "PARTY!". As if in response to Scotty's exclamation, something begins banging on the cellar door. They stand around dumbfounded for a minute, and then Scotty ventures into the darkness with a flashlight to check it out.

Thirty seconds later, Ash becomes impatient and begins yelling for Scotty, as if he has mysteriously vanished. After asking for a flashlight, Shelly gives him a damn fuel-lamp, which shows the standard female incompetence in horror movies. Ash wanders into the half-lighted basement, despite there being no source of light at all. Upon hearing a loud noise, Ash wanders towards the area it originated from. And then Scotty decides to scare the shit out of the greatest hero to emerge from zombie movies and horror films alike. We are surprised Ash didn't react similar to this:

Soon after the world was luckily spared from the terror that is Ash's fury, Scotty leads him to a hidden room in the basement, complete with a sawn-off shotgun, ammo, the Book of the Dead, a movie reference, and a dagger.

Here's where shit gets crazy. The group listens to a recording that the previous owner left, which reveals that the book is Sumerian, and will awaken the dead if the passages are recited. Then, in one of the biggest dick moves in history, the narrator begins reciting the very passages he warned against earlier. For the first time ever, one of the girls makes the smart choice by turning it off, and Scotty decides to turn it back on and listen to it completely.

We are going to skip the romantic scene, and skip to where the demon is luring Cheryl out of the house. The demon whispers sweet nothings into her ear, and she wanders outside, scantily dressed, ready to offer herself to the demon. After a few minutes of walking around, talking to the forest, she encounters her secret admirer.

Cheryl's admirer, the tree, in its natural habitat.

Better known as the "date rape tree", it begins by rapping Cheryl in vines and ripping through her clothing. It gropes her up, revealing the much needed nudity in the movie. Then, in the most violent tree-rape scene in movie history, the viewer is led in first-person as a vine charges Cheryl's crotch like a battering ram. As soon as the tree is done raping her, she breaks free with no effort and runs back to the cabin, making us wonder if she wanted that to happen...

Soon after the horrendous rape scene, Cheryl turns into one of the "Evil Dead" and attacks her friends and brother. All hell breaks lose in the cabin after the first attack. Everyone starts turning into them. Ash gets slammed through multiple bookshelves, and decapitates Shelly after dismembering Linda earlier. He ventures back into the basement, almost drowning in blood that floods out of every crack in the house. He gets the shit beat out of him by a grand total of two of the Deadites. Then somehow manages to throw the book into the fire, burning the Deadites alive in an epic, but hilarious, claymation death scene.

Soon after, Ash leaves the house, appearing to be victorious, and the "evil presence" charges him and the screen blanks out. The sudden ending prompts a sequel, aptly named "Evil Dead 2".