Evil Dead

Evil Dead is a 1981 horror Film starring Bruce Campbell and Directed by Sam Raimi, a master of horror.Just watch Spider-Man 3 for example. Tobey Maguire dancing down the street and turning Emo. Terrifying.

Bruce's Hide'n'Seek parties were wild.

Just The Facts

  1. The Film was initially banned by U.S cinema's.
  2. The Film's moniker "The Ultimate Experience in Gruelling Horror" might have had something to do with it.
  3. Sam Raimi had to hire stand-ins for certain actors because they left. Bruce Campbell was the only one crazy enough to stay with the project.
  4. Bruce Campbell's chin is HUGE.


The story follow's five college student's as they stay in a secluded cabin high in the Tennesse mountain's. Because eerie, isolated cabin's are the best place for a vacation.

They arrive at the cabin which, by the way is surrounded by foggy woods. Using they're college intellect they play an old tape-recorder. On the tape is a reading from the Book of the Dead. The book ressurects Demons in the woods. Next Raimi subjects us to the most awkward scene ever involving Cheryl and some trees. Girl+Trees+Penetration=AWKWARDNESS!!!!!!!!

The next day, Ash tries to bring her to town but the bridge is twisted up and looks like a hand cupping some balls. Back at the cabin Cheryl, after catching some Tree-Demon-STD, goes Bat-shit and stabs Linda in the ankle with a pencil. Scotty taking the initiative, hits her with an axe and kicks her ass into the cellar. Shelly goes Bat-shit too and Scotty decides "Fuck it" and cuts her up with an axe. Scotty then goes looking for a trail to escape.

When Scotty gets back after being man-handled by the Trees, he goes unconcious. Linda tricks Ash into letting her out and he then throws her out. Scotty dies. When Linda attacks him, Ash has her at his mercy with a chainsaw, but can't do it because it's too cruel. He buries her instead. But when she rises he decapitates her with a shovel. Much less cruel. When he returns to the house he is attacked by Cheryl. He pops her with a shotgun. Then he barricades himself in. Cheryl attacks and he pops her again.

Scotty reanimates and attacks Ash, but Ash goughes his eyes out. Ash discoverers the Demons are tied to the book. Before he can destroy it, Scotty and Cheryl attack him. He eventually burns the book. The demon's leave the bodies. Ash leaves the cabin.But as he leaves, he is attacked by a Demon!!!!!!.


The Film's arguably-superior sequel/remake Evil Dead 2 was sucessful. Which was followed by Army of Darkness. A fourth Film is in the works.

A comic based on Army of Darkness was released by Wildstorm.

A number of videogames were released in 1984,2000,2003 and 2005.

Evil Dead:The Musical.Transferring the Violence, Gore and Horror of Evil Dead to Singing and Dancing is impossible, unthinkable, implausible. . .

I stand corrected.