Scar Symmetry

Scar Symmetry is a melodic death metal band from Avesta, Sweden. Their themes focus on mysticism, philosophy, and other confusing shit that humans don't understand.

Just The Facts

  1. Scar Symmetry was formed in 2004. They have released an album every year that they have been together, including the demo they released in 2004.
  2. They are well-known for their psychotic lyrical themes, as well as their badass album covers. Not their band logo though. Seriously, look at that thing.
  3. In 2008, they replaced their original vocalist(Christian Alvestam) with two different vocalists, which shows how much of a badass he was.

Current Band Line-Up:

Not pictured: Christian Alvestam, the one-man army of a vocalist

Roberth "Robban" Karlsson - Harsh Vocals(2008-Present)

Lars Palmqvist - Clean Vocals(2008-Present)

Jonas Kjellgren - Lead/Rhythm Guitars(2004-Present)

Per Nilsson - Lead/Rhythm Guitars(2004-Present)

Kenneth Seil - Bass Guitar(2004-Present)

Henrik Ohlsson - Drums(2004-Present)

A Brief History:

The band was originally formed sometime in April 2004. During an Altered Aeon recording session, Jonas Kjellgren, Per Nilsson, and Henrik Ohlsson formed Scar Symmetry in Jonas' recording studio. Later in the month, (former)vocalist Christian Alvestam and Kenneth Seil joined the band. That same month, the newly formed band recorded a song, "Seeds of Rebellion", that helped them get a contract with Cold Records(a subsidiary of Metal Blade Records).

Former Vocalist:

Pictured above: The godlike vocalist, Christian Alvestam

Christian Alvestam is a god among men when it comes to death metal vocalists. Being able to rapidly switch from elegant, clean vocals to brutal, death metal vocals mid-song(repeatedly) is a trait this man possesses. Just listen to any Scar Symmetry song pre-Dark Matter Dimensions, and see for yourself. After Holographic Universe, however, he left the band due to "touring conflicts and creative differences". We believe the real reason is that the Gods of Metal recruited him to sing for them, because he was too important for a human-made band. The band replaced Christian with two vocalists, Roberth(left) and Lars(right).

The two men required to compensate for the loss of Mr. Alvestam


Symmetric In Design:


This album is the debut album of this legendary band, released in February of 2005.This album has been compared to the In Flames and Soilwork albums of the time. They were even described as a "little too perfect" when they debuted their album.

Featured Song:

#9. Orchestrate the Infinite

Just listen to the song. For a debuting album, this song alone demonstrates the excellence that is Scar Symmetry. And the best part is the opening lyrics:

"Affecting all of universe with my mind
Through my will
Solar systems live and die."

Pitch Black Progress:


This is the second album by the band, released in April of 2006. With this album, the band shows clear maturity and progression, rising to the top of Swedish "melodeath" very quickly. Expectations were set very high after the previous album, Symmetric In Design, and Scar Symmetry surpasses them with this album, showing promise and setting the bar even higher.

Featured Song:

#3. Mind Machine

Again, words cannot describe the level of awesome that this band maintains. One must simply hear them. Songs like these venture further into the Scar Symmetry universe of "weirdness". Featured lyrics:

"Target is the world
Structuring the madness
Terminating ancient
Concepts of truth"

Holographic Universe:


The third album recorded by the band, released in June of 2008. This album took the "melodeath" approach in a new direction, setting the bar higher yet again. With the accomplishments that this band has achieved, it's no wonder that they are on the same playing field as In Flames and Soilwork. Demonstrating growth in both musical and popularity status, the band continues to rise. Unfortunately, this album was the last to feature original vocalist Christian Alvestam, covered above.

Featured Song:

#1. Morphogenesis

The title alone holds our interest. Seriously, what the hell is "morphogenesis"? However, if Scar Symmetry is dishing it out, we will gladly accept a serving. The song demonstrates melodic excellence, and sets the rest of the album in motion. Featured lyrics:

"This is year zero
All we knew has died
The mutiny came so sudden
Killing yesterday"

Dark Matter Dimensions:


The fourth album recorded by the band, released in October of 2009. This album was a very anticipated one, not only because fans were completely addicted and wanted more after Morphogenesis, but because the two new vocalists were introduced in this album. Replacing Christian was a very difficult thing to do, so it was all-or-nothing for these new vocalists. However, they lived up to the task, and some fans even like them more. This album again shows the mastery Scar Symmetry has worked towards, and leaves fans wondering: "When is the next album going to be released?"

Featured Song:

#9. A Parenthesis in Eternity

This song starts out slow, which is a different method than the songs before it took, and instantly catches the listener's interest. And then, after a very intense build-up, it explodes into a fury(that was not perverted, we swear). This song displays the extraordinary quality of the entire album in under five minutes. Featured lyrics:

"Take a look at the trail behind you, this is terrain you know,
It might reappear again,
Now you stare at the path before you, so tell me what is shown,
Decipher eternity"

(Note: We don't know what those lyrics mean, but they're awesome, so who cares?)

(P.S: Want the video? It's not on Youtube. Go buy the damn album)