Public Speaking Class

"The number two fear in America is Public Speaking. Number one is Death. So most people during a eulogy would rather be the guy in the coffin than the guy at the podium."-Jerry Seinfeld

ok glad that's over. TO THE MINIBAR

thats right you better clap. for the next half hour i OWN YOU. you in the blue sweater take it off and this ends

Just The Facts

  1. public speaking is not only feared by the people who have to talk, it is also feared who have to listen to the guy ramble on for two hours.
  2. people fear public speaking more then they fear death. technically, someone would do you a favor if they killed you the night before. never tell your coworkers were you live
  3. no matter HOW great your report is, someone is going to gripe


These things where invented in hell, and are usually brought together by someone on acid. No, a corporate slideshow should not have a musical background of "like a virgin" or rap of ANY SORT. also, dont include too many colors, and if you even MENTION synergy, you will be shot