Nobel Peace Prize

A look into the dark history of the prize, and how its future may become even darker...and no, i'm not talking about Obama's skin color.

the boy on the left was also a candidate for the prize.

flowchart by aerodan7748, so laugh at him, not me!


Just The Facts

  1. It was an illustrius prize, awarded only to the most thought provoking works.
  2. Some would say the criteria for earning such an award, has slipped in recent history.
  3. Now awarded to terrorists (Yasser Arafat), people who can spell there name correctly (but they gave it to Jimmy Carter anyway), and people who have literally done apsolutely nothing (sorry to all those Obama fans out there)

Peace is over-rated.

Come ooooon! what is peace if not a grace period in which we concieve new ways of killing each other...How can you be rewarded with a prize for adding to the endless stuggle for power. How can you be rewarded for biased works, based on hatred for a certain people.*cough(Yasser Arafat)cough* who said that? How can you be rewarded for doing apsolutly nothing except wanting peace i.e.Obama. We ALL want world peace, so by current logic, we should all get a peace prize. No ones view of peace is the same as everyone elses. One country's peace, is anothers war. There will never be "world peace", it's a virtual impossibility...sadly.

I Know that wasn't very funny...and if it was I suggest you seek professional help immediatly, but sometimes the truth isn't funny, unless it involves a MASSIVE bodycount.