Role Playing

Role-Playin. Um, a little awkard when you stumble upon this in a chat room - between people - having cyber - well you know...

Who you are versing.

Who you are really versing.

Just The Facts

  1. Role-Playing is very common amongst internet users - and preverts.
  2. The most common Role-Playing are games like World of Warcraft.
  3. It's also an excuse for nerds to have online sex. :0

What is role playing?

Role playing is when people engage in a scenario and act as their character would. For example, some people play fantasy games where you can be wizards and warlocks and... stuff. So you act as your character. By saying Abra Kadabra! Most people with social lifes don't be with role playing games, but the socially - rejected are most known for playing these games. All day. And then going on Facebook. And then popping zits. Fun life.

What role-playing games are there?

The one you'd probably know is World of Warcraft.


World of Warcraft is a MMORPG. That stands for Massivley Multiplayer Role Online Playing Game. That means a bunch of people play a RPG, or role playing game. Other games include - well I don't know, Google them.

Do people really have sex online?!?!?! Weak...


You see, people like nerds and 40 year olds and priests can't get any, so they do it - online. Now, if any teen thinks it's cool, it isn't. Most of the time it's some sad adult. Seriously, joking aside, online predators are more common than you think. These are sick people.