Every generation has their own educational shows, but after Teletubbies, stuff started to get weird. Boohbah is what happens if no one regulates the weirdness.

Just The Facts

  1. 20% of Boohbah is watched by children between the ages of 3 and 5.
  2. 80% of Boohbah is watched by stoners looking for something to watch on YouTube.
  3. 99% of Boohbah's screenplay was taken directly from the CIA's transcripts of people on LSD during experimentation.

What exactly is Boohbah?

Children's television has been around nearly as long as TV itself. Famous children's shows include Howdy Doody (that one with the creepy ventriloquist), Peewee (that one with the creepy everything), Sesame Street, and apparently, Boohbah.

What we're trying to figure out is how kids' programming went from this:

to this:

Something's clearly gone wrong.

For those of you who don't want to read some article on a kids' show and would rather just watch it instead: take one more rip from that bong and feast your eyes on this...

At roughly two minutes into the video, your kids will experience their first ever bad trip! Who are we kidding? The whole freaking show is a bad trip, starting with the introduction...

And parents these days are worried about marijuana

Most of us wait until we're teenagers to start experimenting with drugs, but apparently the creators of Boohbah decided your kids should know what they're like before they even turn four by creating the trippiest childrens show in history.
Sure, lots of kids shows are also appealing to stoners (spongebob, the fairly oddparents, pokemon) but when the creators of Boohbah came together they only had one thing in mind: "let's see how much money we can make while putting these kids through a fucking acid trip". The formula for Boohbah is quite simple: add one part LSD, one part Teletubbies, one part educational value and you get Boohbah.

I lied about the educational value part, this show doesn't teach shit.

I lied about the educational value, this show doesn't teach shit.

What can I do?

Block the channel, kids aren't smart enough to figure out how a cable box works.

Fuck. At least he's got a head start in knowing how to use Microsoft Excel.

Fuck. At least he's got a head start in knowing how to use Microsoft Excel.

nevermind, he's probably on porn.

Nope, he's definitely on porn.


Okay maybe the show taught me not to eat the whole batch of brownies and expect to last the whole episode without crying from my brain melting. But let's face it, you won't be feeding your kids those pot brownies you just baked. You paid for that weed and hell, you're going to eat it.

The little fucker.

That little fucker..