Nine Inch Nails

For around 20 years, Nine Inch Nails was a group that more or less defined this: Trent Reznor hates his life, and pretty much everything else. Trent dissolved the band in 2009 when he realized he no longer had anything to be pissed off about.

20 years of reminding us there's no hope.

Just The Facts

  1. The frontman's name is Trent Reznor... I think that just about covers it.
  2. Trent is pretty much the only member in reality.
  3. Marylin Manson was Trent Reznor's apprentice.
  4. Trent thought it would be cool to give all of his albums a sequential numbering system. It wasn't cool.
  5. Trent aint gay. All the references to buttsex are just metaphor. Really.

Trent's Hate Machine

Nine Inch Nails is a band that Trent Reznor, not to be confused with this Reznor,

put together to rebel against his Flock of Seagulls phase...

The music of Nine Inch Nails could be described as like being assaulted by something soul shattering and mind melting, so its more or less typical American media.

Pretty Hate Machine:

Trent apparently went through a terrible breakup in the late 80's. It would seem that this is what drove him to write his first record, Pretty Hate Machine. He also talks about banging the devil. Weird.

Broken: This e.p. was extremely loud. It was also much more angry. The line "I'm jesus fuck on ecstacy" comes to mind. Wait, is that angry? Whatever. The e.p. has 99 tracks, with songs being on tracks 1 through 6 and 98 and 99. Putting hidden tracks on records was a trend in the 90's. This was a way for the band to put tracks on the record only cool people would discover.

This more or less sums up Trent's worldview.

The Downward Spiral:

This album was an orgy of destruction, death and sin. A real masterpiece. This is the album that took Nine Inch Nails to the top of the rock and roll circus, even getting them a spot at the first of the Woodstock corporate milkings (or 2nd depending on how cynical you are). Check this shit out:

Umm, can I have that keyboard if you're just gonna break it? ...and really. The mud? Really?

It was during this time that Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson fell in love and had hideous children. What the fuck was Tapeworm?

The Fragile:

This was a double album that took Trent 5 years to get his shit together enough to release. Many people bitched because there were too many songs on the album. Frag those people.

With Teeth:

This album did happen. There was a tour and stuff. Seriously. We were there. Promise. Oh, there was also a poppy song on here called The Hand That Feeds.

Year Zero:

This album was bitching more about problems at large in the world. He even named a song "Capital G". Trent was pretty pissed about the whole Katrina thing. Really pissed.

There was a "virtual reality game" that Trent had going on when this album was released. It seemed more like a bad acid trip to us.


This was several discs worth of tracks that Trent didn't care to finished but released anyway. There was a special edition that was around $250(!) dollars. or you could download the first few tracks for free and have basically the same listening experience.

Trent announced that Nice Inch Nails would play their last show at Bonnaroo 2009. Watching Nine Inch Nails after Bruce Springsteen is pretty weird. During the show Trent said it was the last show, to which we yelled "bullshit" as loud as we could. The next week a tour of about 15 dates was announced.

How To Destroy Angels:

Trent, having exhausted all of his own deeply personal miseries, has apparently taken to recruiting others to make music about their personal miseries.

Yeah really uplifting stuff there.