Take a saw, attach it to a chain, add an engine, and make it look deadly as hell.

It just looks painful

Just The Facts

  1. Originally designed to cut wood
  2. Has gained much notoriety thanks to its menacing and painful appearance
  3. Popularized by movies (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Video Games (anything with zombies)
  4. Often seen as a great anti zombie weapon

The Chainsaw

Did you see that picture up there? Does that thing not look painful? I mean, when I think "painful things to be hit by" chains and saws are right on up there, and then some sadistic logger decided to slap them together to cut things easier?


In his defence, Leons has about as much emotion as a tree

Now, after a bit of research, I found that a chainsaw is used for, and I quote, "felling, limbing, and bucking by tree surgeons". Now I didn't look up what those words mean, but it sounds to me like cutting out your legs causing you to fall, removing your limbs, and... well... I don't even want to consider what bucking means. What's more is the term "tree surgeons". Again, without any research, I think it is safe to assume these are trees who like to do surgery. Or something like it.


The kind of thing you expect to see hanging in an evil lair

To make matters worse, it was invented by a German (because everything scary and evil has to come from there) who was an orthopaedist. In case you don't know, an orthopaedist is one who "corrects congenital or functional abnormalities of the bones with surgery, casting, and bracing."So a man, who was basically a bone doctor, invented this thing? I seriously do not want to know why.

This was the first image on Google under "Chainsaw". Not a good way to start


Because of their overall frightening appearance, chainsaws have gained some popularity over the years. One large contributor to this was most likely "Leatherface"

Could use a bigger tie

Leatherface became famous through the film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" which was based on real world killer Ed Gein (sadly only because he wore skin masks, he never actually used a chainsaw). In the film, Leatherface likes to use a chainsaw to murder his victims. This of course was not the only use of a chainsaw in popular culture. It is used in many films in video games, sometimes as a frightening weapon from an enemy, and other times as a life saving device for the hero.

A Special Note: That Chainsaw is acting as a replacement for his lost

hand which deserves recognition.


At one point or another, Chainsaws became big in the world of zombies. Perhaps it was simply the idea of using a chainsaw on a human with little repercussion that drew people to the idea, but regardless, it spread like wildfire.

The result of a Chainsaw vs. a Nazi Zombie

The idea has been seen in countless articles of zombie fiction. Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Dead Rising, Dead Snow, Resident Evil 4/5, Doom (it did have zombies) just to name a few. Indeed it seems hard to mention the word "zombie" without the idea of slicing one to bits with a chainsaw coming to mind. But just how practical is this? Sad truth here is, after a bit of research, it becomes obvious that a chainsaw is an incredibly ineffective zombie killing weapon outside of fiction. Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Chainsaws can be very heavy
  2. It is awkward to use one in close quarters
  3. They are quite loud which would only serve to attract attention
  4. Very messy and dangerous without proper equipment (blood would spray everywhere which could lead to zombification)
  5. They are sadly not built to cut flesh and may get jammed easily
  6. You either need gas (which is a hassle to carry) or a plug (which is just inconvenient) to use one
  7. They are potentially dangerous to both the user and those around them (falling could be fatal)
  8. They don't always start right away

Don't get me wrong though, the idea of using a chainsaw on a zombie is a thrilling one. It just is not advised to reach for one in the event of a real zombie infestation. For the time being however, dream away.