Klaus Nomi

A German, Balding, Middle Aged, Clown Looking, Homosexual, High Pitched Man in Makeup known to many as a singer and to others as a culmination of child predators

Just The Facts

  1. Bodyguard and Backupsinger for David Bowie
  2. Created a music genre that could be called "Popera"
  3. Voice that could shatter testicles
  4. Homosexual
  5. Died of AIDS before it was cool


Blessed with a voice only capable to most men upon having their testicles slammed in a door exactly 47 times, Klaus was known for randomly hitting notes usually reserved for... well reacting to slamming ones testicles in a door 47 times. Mix this with an overall creepy German accent, techno beats, and giant plastic tuxedos, and you have a wonderful combination that baffles the mind.

In fact I'm pretty sure that's what it sounds like when lightning strikes you right on the tip of your penis.

David Bowie

David Bowie is an interesting fellow and so of course he's going to need interesting fellows to back him up. Klaus Nomi was one of them

Middle: David Bowie in Power Tuxedo. Right: Klaus Nomi

He later went on to become one of Bowie's bodyguards along with Iggy Pop as seen here in an episode of The Venture Bros.