Reservoir Dogs

A 1992 film by Quentin Tarantino.It was his debut establishing him as one of the craziest people in Hollywood.)

Just The Facts

  1. Tarantino would go on to direct hits such as, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown.
  2. Mr.Blonde's real name is Vic Vega, the brother of Pulp Fiction's Vincent Vega.
  3. Tarantino plays Mr.Brown. This is the only film where he doesn't play a rapist.

"Like a virgin"

The story follows a gang of smartly dressed criminals, using various colour aliases such as:

Harvey Keitel-Mr.White.

Tim Roth-Mr.Orange.

Steve Buscemi-Mr.Pink.

Michael Madsen-Mr.Blonde.

Quentin Tarantino-Mr.Brown.

Eddie Bunker-Mr.Blue.

The gang plan on robbing a jewellery store, but the plan goes to hell. Mr.White brings a wounded Mr.Orange back to the safe-house. They are then joined by Mr.Pink, who believes theres a rat in the crew because the the quick arrival of the cops. They both agree that Mr.Blond is bat-shit due to the way he killed the people at the store. Mr.Pink wants to cut and run with the diamond's he grabbed but Mr.White won't leave Mr.Orange. The two fight and end up in a Mexican Standoff.

"Where are the Mexicans?"

Mr.Blonde enters and ends this. He brings them to his trunk, wrapped up like a christmas present is a Police officer. They torture the officer until the contact,Eddie arrives. He,Mr.White and Mr.Pink go to collect the diamonds, leaving the psychopath alone with a bound and gagged man. Mr.White dryly states that he enjoys torture, big suprise.

"Sometimes I enjoy it so much, i pee a little in my pants".

Setting the mood, Mr.White dances to "Stuck in the middle with you". He then precedes to cut off the guys ear with a freaking straight razor! Before he can turn the guy into a human match-stick, Mr.Orange pulls a pistol and fills Mr.Blonde with lead. It is revealed Mr.Orange is really an undercover police officer.

When the others arrive they find Mr.Blonde dead, Mr.Orange tries to tell them that Mr.Blonde was going to betray them and take the diamonds (probably to spend on Razors and Stealer's wheel mix-tapes"). Eddie kills the officer in retaliation. The organiser of the heist, Joe Cabot,arrives. He thinks Mr.Orange is an informant. Mr.White defends his friend and shoots Joe and Eddie dead.

Lying wounded on the floor, Mr.Orange tells Mr.White he is a cop. Mr.White kills Mr.Orange. Cops raid the warehouse and fatally shoot Mr.White.

The other three robber's fate are as follows:

Mr.Brown-Shot in the head trying to escape from the police.

Mr.Blue-Killed by the police.

Mr.Pink-Takes the diamonds but is cornered by the police and taken by Michael Bay to be used in all of his movies.