Syd Barrett

1965. Our parents were toothless toddlers when Sydney Barrett joined the band known as Megadeaths, later called Pink Floyd. There Syd went nuts while the rest of the band, lead by Roger "handsome" Waters became the best thing in UK since Hamlet.

;_; Why?!

;_; When you survive LSD destruction you become an average englishman.

Just The Facts

  1. Syd Barrett is a huge influence on every psychedelic band. And everyone who takes acid.
  2. Barrett also was a notable gardener.
  3. Pink Floyd's song "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" was made in his honor. That song alone has also made more money than we ever will.

Syd's songwriting analysis

Syd Barrett was a musician in his prime. That's what you read in history books. But in fact Syd was an outstanding comedian who happened to sing his jokes. Even his guitar tunes sounded funny. If he had been born in our times he would make this website actually make money funnier than it is. If you think we're bullshitting you, check out these pieces of unedited LSD comedy:

  • "Flicker, flicker, flicker blam. Pow, pow". -Astronomy Domine.

One of Syd's trademarks is the use of onomatopeia and singing-like-a-kid.

Funny level: grin -- Funny on acid level: compulsive, excited smile

"flicker flicker... pow pow!"

  • "Screaming through the starlit sky
    Traveling by telephone.
    Hey ho, here we go
    Ever so high." -Flaming

Note the "ho" in this classic lyrics? well, it's not an onomatopeia. Barrett's cursing timing at his best.

Funny level: huh? -- Funny on acid level: little guilty giggle

"Did you hear that?!"

  • "Wining, dining, biding his time.
    And then one day - hooray!
    Another way for gnomes to say
    Whoooooooooooooooooooooam I?" -The Gnome

Cute humor is a practice rarely approached by adults. Syd broke the fence and used cute tunes and lyrics so the audience could laugh at the originality of the concept and start asking questions about life.

Funny level: "this is getting retarded" -- Funny on acid level: all the above plus "hey that's mindblowing"

"Wow. Genius".

  • "I know a mouse, and he hasn't got a house.
    I don't know why. I call him Gerald.
    He's getting rather old, but he's a good mouse".

I've got a clan of gingerbread men.
Here a man, there a man, lots of gingerbread men.
Take a couple if you wish. They're on the dish". -Bike

Syd rhyming abilities were incredible. He could come up with the absurd and the random and always give you pieces of genious. Syd was almost like Kanye West. Too bad the former only scored 140 in the IQ test.

Funny level: Kind of fun. -- Funny on acid level: lifechanging comedy.

Prepare for landing...


Syd's satire of Bob Dylan. You should listen to this song when the trip is finished. otherwise you won't quite understand.

Funny level: Impressed smile. "that's actually good" -- Funny on acid level: grin.