Functioning largely as the Japanese analogue to Superman, Ultraman is a vinyl-clad giant who wrestles monsters.

How about some god damn karate?

Just The Facts

  1. Ultraman is an alien from the Land of Light who came to Earth to help control our burgeoning monster population.
  2. Ultraman has the ability to kill any monster within seconds with his devastating Specium Ray.
  3. He never does this, however, because Ultraman really, really likes to wrestle.

Cracked on: Ultraman

Ultraman secretly shares his body with a human named Hayata, a Science Patrol Officer. It is never fully explained what this group actually does, but they wear orange jumpsuits, jetpacks, motorcycle helmets, and neckties. Ultraman's adventures often followed this basic format:

1- Monster appears

2- This shit happens: