Mad Men

Just The Facts

  1. “Mad Men” takes place in the 1960s, detailing the advertising industry and the changing social mores.
  2. The main character is Don Draper, who is charming, clever, and gets laid roughly 9.6 times per hour.
  3. It airs on American Movie Classics, which apparently has decided awesome original programming works better than Godzilla movies and showing boring crap about Grace Kelly's dresses for drawing viewers (see also: Breaking Bad).

The Basics of "Mad Men"

The show takes place in fictional advertising agency/nightclub Sterling Cooper, and in the homes of the various characters. Every episode will feature at least one obvious joke about how stupid we were back in the ‘60s, and Don’s account somehow tying into his personal life, kind of like “House” except less obvious and more artful. It will also feature Don Draper getting laid.

Each season skips two years, so the first season took place in 1960, the second takes place in 1962, and the third will take place in 1964. The plan is to wrap the show up in 1970, thankfully sparing us the image of Don Draper at the disco, but possibly not Draper with a peace sign dangling around his neck.

Don Draper: The Smoothest Man On Television

The first season offers lots of important and relevant information about Don Draper, but the most important piece of info is this guy makes Wilt Chamberlain look like a priest.  Draper has somehow mastered the art of making his penis magnetic to hot women: no matter how hard and how long they resist, they get on that stick eventually. This is a guy who isn't satisfed nailing January Jones on a regular basis.

Oh, also, he’s a brilliant ad man and decidedly not who he says he is.  Just in case you were keeping track of that "drama" stuff.

Other Characters

Peggy Olson – Don’s secretary and the show’s second protagonist, who is slowly becoming a copywriter.  The show follows Peggy from doormat to self-actualized woman, or at least not such a doormat.  She also occasionally bangs Pete Campbell.

Betty Draper – Don’s wife.  Basically a walking ‘50s housewife stereotype, Betty is slowly realizing that she fucking hates being cooped up all day with two brats while her husband goes and has a fun time in New York .  She resolves this constructively by blowing the living shit out of pigeons, among other things. 
Pete Campbell – Account Executive for Don’s clients.  Pete is a mix of douchebag and insecure little boy.  Pretty much everything he tries to get ahead or one-up somebody goes horribly wrong, especially when he tries to fuck over Don; that usually ends in Don giving Pete a well-deserved bitchslapping.  Pete only has his job because of his rich family, and essentially works as a pimp/drug dealer whenever a client is in town.  He hates his life and he’s also a ticking time bomb; odds are pretty good Pete's going to shoot up the office.
Roger Sterling – Don’s boss and son of the original founder.  Mostly notable for his alcoholism; Coop could probably drink the Russian Vodka Chugging Team under the table and look good doing it, even after the stroke. 
Joan Holloway – The head secretary at Sterling Cooper, and is banging Roger Sterling.  She’s also looking for a husband, and has a lesbian roommate.
Salvatore – Don’s Art Director, and really, really gay.  This being the ‘60s, he’s also so deep in the closet he can find your shoes for you.