Boss Day

Boss Day is a holiday in which employess celebrate what a dick their boss is.

F-Word = Flowers . . . F@#king Flowers

Just The Facts

  1. Boss Day takes place on October 16th.
  2. The holiday was created by some bitch who forgot her boss's birthday.
  3. Boss Day is considered a "Hallmark Holiday".
  4. Boss Day is only observed in Canada and the USA, once again proving that the eastern hemisphere is still #1.

Cracked on Boss Day

Boss Day used to be a made up holiday that boss's used as an excuse to sexualy harass female employess. One day a woman named Patricia Bays Haroski got totally shit-faced and decided to create a holiday for her boss whom she was having an affair with. Oh and her boss was also her dad, go figure. She registered the idea with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958 and then went to feed her 3-eyed fish baby.

It wasn't until four years later that Governor Otto Kerner, Jr. backed Patricia's registration and officialy proclaimed the day. Okay you're probably thinking that this guy is such a pussy for creating this gay holiday, well guess what he isn't! In 1973 Otto was sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined $50,000! For what you ask? Only the most bad-ass thing a Illinois governor can think of. He took bribes from a couple race tracks so they can choose their own racing dates and build some extra expressway exits! . . . Oh did I forget to mention he was a democrat? Sorry.

On a normal day, he'll ask politely to rape you. On Boss Day, it's mandatory.

On a normal day, he'll ask politely to rape you. On Boss Day, it's mandatory.

Bosses every-where rejoiced, their digrading job at Wendy's has gotten a little bit better now that the illegal immegrants are forced to use their entire salaries on a shitty tie that he'll just throw away later. Hallmark apparently makes a pretty penny from this holiday, mostly because Hallmark is the fucking devil.