Fred is a series of mind-bogglingly annoying webcam videos in which a retarded teenager literally says whatever comes to his mind, makes his voice high-pitched, and thinks he's funny.

His face is 50% retard, 50% sea-urchin and 50% douchebag

Just The Facts

  1. Fred does not count as funny
  2. Fred does not count as human
  3. Somehow, Fred is smart enough to breathe
  4. Many people say you either love or hate Fred
  5. This is untrue
  6. Everyone hates Fred
  8. Yep, even that guy. He really does.
  9. Seriously.

Cracked on Fred

Have you ever seen Fred's videos?

If you have: Then you know our opinion of Fred.

If you haven't: You fucking lucky son of a bitch.

All Fred does is film himself saying things that aren't funny on a webcam, and then makes his voice high-pitched and faster-paced while editing, to make it even less funny. And the fucker has over a million YouTube subscribers, makes hundreds of thousands of dollars, and has a movie deal.


Excuse us for one second.

The best explanation as to what the phenomenon known as Fred is can be summed up by the PWoT forums:

Picture sitting on a hill dimly lit by the setting sun, the love of your life next to you, as you share a bottle of fine Shiraz. The only ambience is the light chirping of birds in the nearby oaks, and as you move your hand over that of your soulmate's, a doe slowly emerges from the wood. The moment is absolutely perfect...

...then the entire sky turns into an open asshole. You stare into the asshole as it jettisons firehose-like streams of hot shit into your open mouth and face.

That is Fred.

What Will Happen at Fred's Movie Premeire

What We Want to Happen at Fred's Movie Premeire