Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is that guy from Oprah who is always dressed like he's about to perform surgery but he never does. Wearing surgical scrubs outside of a surgery or ER is like wearing a swimsuit to church.

Just The Facts

  1. Dr. Oz is one of the latest celebusaints canonized by Oprah "Midas-touch" Winfrey
  2. Dr. Oz likes to play both sides of the fence. Calm down fellas, just because his name is Oz doesn't mean he's a "Friend of Dorothy". The Good Doc is a switch hitter because he's a cardiologist and surgeon who also believes in alternative medicine.
  3. Most of his popularity relies on the fact that he looks damn sexy in surgical scrubs.

The Wonderful Wizard named Oz

In addition to being a surgeon/new-age guru/celebrity superstar, Dr. Oz is a spokesman and adviser for RealAge.com. This website collects information from people and then markets prescription drugs to them. I guess he's kind of like that guy who knows someone who can get you pot. A possible new slogan for Dr. Oz and his dual belief in alternative and traditional medicine could be "Hugs AND Drugs."

Dr. Oz has written several books with his comedy partner colleague Dr. Michael Roizen. Just like the "For Dummies" series, these books (and DVDs) have an ongoing theme. YOU: Can Quit Smoking; YOU: Can Lose Weight; YOU: Can Be Beautiful. Perhaps future titles might include YOU: Can Get a Boob Job; YOU: Can Stop the Voices in Your Head or YOU: Can Stop Touching Yourself.

I can't wait to see who Oprah gives us next!

This topic page is brief, I know. But it's a work in progress: just like Dr. Oz! I hope that one day I can add more (like a link to Dr. Oz's Playgirl photo spread ((who wouldn't want to see that)) but for now, this is all I can shovel.