Brokencyde is a comedy troop that performs parodies of what would happen if Lil Jon produced screamo bands. Wait, they’re not supposed to be funny?! Well world… we’re moving to Mars. Thanks a lot.

The four horsemen of the apocolypse.

Just The Facts

  1. Crunk, a four letter word for rap, and screamo, a four letter word for hardcore, got pregnant, had an abortion, and 9 months later Brokencyde slithered out of a dumpster in New Mexico.
  2. We hate them, is the point.
  3. According to Urban Dictionary, Brokencyde is “the act of having a penis inserted in your ear.” The definition directly below is for the band. Priorities.
  4. They are this decade’s Crazytown in that they look more like crystal meth addics than any of their contemporaries.

Why Brokencyde facts are far funnier than anything we can say to make fun of them...

"We came up with the name between us when we were younger and having a few problems with girlfriends and relationships etc. All it means is that when things aren't going so great we're broken inside. That's where the name came from."

"Yeah there were a lot of break-ups at that time."

Their name comes from the "act of being broken inside from personal problems."

Their 'band' members are named Se7en, Phat J, MIKL, and Antz. Fucking Antz. According to the band, his role is 'fog machine, lights, and hype man'