Quake was gaming perfection for a long, long time.

Just The Facts

  1. Quake was released in 1996, and brought the world of artificial murder into true 3D
  2. Its creation featured such luminaries as American McGee and Trent Reznor
  3. Inexplicably, the back-story changed from Techno-Gothic Fantasy to Alien Cyborgs from Quake to Quake 2

Cracked on Quake

Quake was the world's first truly 3d first person shooter; you can thank id Software and this game for every addiction to modern online games. Seriously, without its advances in 3d gaming, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Counterstrike would all look like SpaceQuest and Doom.


You play a space marine, station at a government facility called the Slipgate Complex.

Quake II

You play a Space Marine stranded on the alien planet Stroggos.

Quake 3

You can play a number of characters; aliens, monsters, space marines....

Quake 4

You play a space mar... Godamnit id!

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Once again you can play as either a marine or an alien cyborg.