Newman was to Seinfeld what Lex Luther was to Superman; The Rolling Stones to the Beatles; The Joker to Batman; Windows to Apple; Del Taco to Taco Bell; Yahoo to Google; Guitar Hero to Rock Band; Mad Magazine to Cracked! I think I made myself clear.

How to acknowledge a

Seinfeld lost episode.

Just The Facts

  1. Wayne Night portrays the Newman character. He was once pulled over by a cop, just because the cop wanted to tell him, "hello, Newman." (No kidding)
  2. Even Jerrys mom gives Newman the, "Hello, Newman." It's genetic.
  3. Larry David played Newman on his first appearance, in the episode entitled The Revenge, because the part only called for an off-screen voice over. David, later,went back and re-dubbed the segment with Wayne Night's voice to keep continuity, and that's why Larry David is a bad ass.
  4. When Newman is aroused it is perfectly acceptable to call him Randy Newman.

Where it all began.

The 90's were a crazy time. It was Hammer Time and the Spice Girls were at the hight of their popularity, but in all of these obscure pop culture phenomena one stands out. Seinfeld *Que The Bass*. Seinfeld was the show that wasn't afraid to tell us what the deal was with corn nuts was and was one of the most innovative sitcoms of its time!

What's the deal with cartoons? There's no cars in 'em, and I'll be damned if I hear any tunes.

Comedy. Gold.

Enter Newman.

Newman, was a character on Seinfeld, that not only portayed the working class postman, but also won the hearts of millions Seinfeld viewers around the world...... well, that's a lie. He's often been described as "pure evil."

Jerry: Have you looked into his eyes, he's pure evil.

Elaine: Maybe he's like an enigma, you know, a mystery wrapped in a riddle.

Jerry: Yeah, he's a mystery wrapped in a twinkie.

Newman was the closted thing seinfeld has to an antagonist, next to shrinkage, of course. He constantly tried to sabatogue Seinfeld for his own pleasure.

His first apperence, on screen, was in the episode entitled The Suicide (typical Seinfled subject matter). Newmans main purpose in the episode was to sabotage Jerry's plans to get laid.

They been enemies ever since. You don't mess with Jerry's promiscuousness.