Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast the best gaming console ever... to fail so miserably. Let's be honest, if you ever played a Dreamcast it was the best console at the time, great graphics, a great game lineup, but why did it fail so badly? Lets try and see why.

Or nightmarecast? You tell me.

Because we had better things to do, I get it.

No wonder games do better over there.

Just The Facts

  1. The Dreamcast wasn't too shabby a gaming machine.
  2. The Dreamcast led to the downfall of Sega.
  3. Not even Sonic the hedgehog could save Dreamcast.
  4. Dreamcast was not the second coming of Jesus (in the U.S. anyway)

Sega Dreamcast

All that for only $40!

A Damn shame! I dont say that just because I had a Dremcast myself and am still hoping for a Dreamcast sequel to become a reality. But to be honest it was a complete and utter US commercial failure. The dreamcast had better graphics than the PS2 and some great games but it failed worse than the third terminator movie. It was really surprising that despite at the time with it's record breaking sales in the first 24 hours ( 225,132 units) that in the end it went down as one of the worst selling consoles of all time. The Dreamcast really was a great console but unfortunately fell to Sega's bad reputation of bad consoles, like the Saturn, Sega 32x, and Sega CD. You remember how the Sega Dreamcast came with online gaming and browsing, you know years before Xbox and Playstation 2 or 3. Also the memory units had mobile games on them, Fuck yeah! The game system that should have revolutionized gaming failed miserably and took down a gaming giant along with it, but as they say if your gonna do anything do it big. Now we say farewell to this console and leave you with one last thought on why it failed....

Maybe the marketing didnt help.