Somali Pirates

pirating, yes its still around and yes it still sounds good until you get to know it.

pictured: oldest man in somalia

the only honest depiction of somalian pirates.

Just The Facts

  1. somalian pirates make most of their money from illegal fishing
  2. on nov 8th 2009 they kidnapped a german couple
  3. they get most of there weapons from yemen
  4. leave the money under the bridge

Pirates? when? where?

they have been around for a while, yet only in the early 90's did they start wanting more money and respect.

so they changed there ways and now everybody hates them, kind of like metalica.

So they stopped using rubber guns and started kidnapping,stealing oil, and fishing illegally.

after awhile other countries started to get mad, or possibly a different emotion.

so a whole crap load of ships where sent out, germany sent 1500, therefore sending fifty times more then they are allowed to have according to the treaty of versailles.

environmental issues

somalian pirates except tons of nuclear and toxic waste, and for the low price of 250 a ton they... wait, what? holy shit!.

im sorry, at the low price of 2.50 a ton they are the cheapest toxic waste dump in they world. around 195 dollars cheaper then most countries.

so far they have excepted around 10 million tons of waste, thats why somalia glows so well in the dark.

sadly they have damaged some other african countries in the process, alright somalia now its not personal.