Hunter S. Thompson

Many lives are destroyed by drugs and insanity. Thompson got tired of being God so he gave them both a whirl.))

Just The Facts

  1. You will never be as cool as Dr. Thompson.
  2. Thompson committed suicide because he couldn't wait to kick Nixon's ass in Hell any longer.
  3. Hunter wore Hawaiian shirts and screamed about golf shoes at random times and he still got more pussy than you'll ever dream of.
  4. Did I mention he had his ashes shot out of a GIANT FUCKING FIST CANNON?!?!

Life of Thompson

Sixties Psychedelic Icon Hunter S. Thompson was the Creator of "Gonzo" Journalism which, if he had thought of it one minute earlier, might have been "Whoopee" Journalism or, if he had thought of it one minute later, might have been "Who Are You Telling To Be Quiet?" Journalism.

Thompson was an intelligent talented Journalist who behaved like a psychotic drunken idiot and inspired a generation of psychotic drunken idiots to become Journalists which is as good an explanation for his committing suicide as any.

Thompson was the Author of several books but is most well known for his contributions to Rolling Stone which is another good reason why he may have killed himself.

Thompson was playrd by Bill Murray and Johnny Depp in two Movies that are so terrible Murray tells people he was in Depp's Thompson Movie and Depp tells people he was in Murray's Thompson Movie. Another possible suicide reason? Could be!

Thompson began his career as a Sports Writer but began writing about Politics because Politicians are less likely to kick your ass than Sports Stars. This is common knowledge now but if it wasn't for Thompson's pioneering research even more Journalists would be getting their asses kicked by Sports Stars today.

Thompson was in San Francisco for the 1968 Summer Of Love even though he was more of a Mid Winter Of Seething Hatred sort of person. But LSD made such a tremendous impact on Thompson he should get as much credit for just staying out of the Mental Hospital as for writing any books. And once you have read the books Thompson wrote his staying out of the Mental Hospital is even more impressive.

Thompson introduced Gonzo Journalism (In which the personal experience of the Journalist becomes as essential to the Story as whatever the Journalist was writing about before he got wasted) with his first book "The Hell's Angels" which brought Biker Gangs to the attention of the American People or, to be more accurate, brought Biker Gangs to the attention of the Hollywood Movie Studios who then brought them to the attention of the American People's Teenage Kids none of whom came anywhere near Thompson's book. "The Hell's Angels" is unique among Thompson's books in that it has a coherent idea to share with the Reader - Bikers will kick your ass. This is common knowledge today but if it wasn't for Thompson's pioneering research even more people would be getting their asses kicked by Bikers today.

Thompson's most well known book "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" is famous for it's opening line "We were on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take effect" which really isn't that great a line but it's the only thing about "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" that anyone can remember. What else is in that book? Some guys get wasted in a Vegas Hotel Room and . . . Wake up with a baby, a tiger, and a missing tooth? If Thompson had been funny enough to come up with something like that the Movies Bill Murray and Johnny Depp made about him would have been as popular as "Ghostbusters" and "Pirates". In fact, so many people don't remember anything about "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" but "We were on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take effect" that the title of the book was almost "We Were On The Edge Of The Desert When The Drugs Began To Take Effect" instead of "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas". Thompson was also the author of "Fear And Loathing In The Liquor Store", "Fear And Loathing In Traffic Court", and "Fear And Loathing In The Same Shorts I've Worn Since Tuesday". No one has any idea what the opening sentences of those books are, but they all probably would have made better titles than all that "Fear And Loathing" stuff.

Thompson shot himself in the head during a phone call with his Wife. Ever since then every time she tries calling someone they yell "OH MY GOD!!" and hang up on her. The poor woman can't get a pizza delivered to her house, she has to get in her car and drive to Domino's to pick it up herself. Doesn't she know about frozen pizza?

Thompson's remains were indeed fired out of a cannon. Which is total bad ass but it might have been more efficient if he had been shot of a cannon as soon as he picked up the phone instead of picking up the phone, shooting himself in the head, and then getting shot out of the cannon. That same cannon, incidently, was used to fire Brittany Murphy's remains at a gopher that was tearing up somebody's vegetable garden.

Thompson remains a major influence on such current Writers as . . . We don't know any of their names quite yet, but as soon as they stop smoking pot long enough to get all the stuff they're scribbling in those notebooks typed up and sent to the Publishers . . . Oh, who are we kidding? But all these years after The Age Of Aquarius, Thompson remains as powerful a spokesman for the Sixties Counterculture's message of Peace, Love, and . . . Oh, "The Rush Limbaugh Show" is coming on! Turn that up, will you?