For those of us who consider ourselves to be "manly" or "tough" well, back in the late 80's this little guy came around and made us burn our little sisters dolls.


Just The Facts

  1. Chucky is the soul of a serial killer who uses voodoo to encase his soul in a doll to escape death.
  2. Crazy as SHIT!
  3. Made of Scary Awesome.

The Story

In early November of 1988, a man by the name of Charles Lee Ray happened to be stranded at least somewhat near a toystore after his buddy Eddie accidentally drives off without him. Oh, they're both being chased by police because Charles is a serial killer. Same old story... Anywho, Charles gets shot and stumbles into the toystore that was mentioned earlier. Being close to death from bloodloss and all, Charles uses spooky voodoo magic to transfer his soul into a pile of Good Guy Dolls, the most original name for a creepy doll ever. Ever. Then, out of no-where the store gets struck by lightning as if Zeus himself damned the place, and burns to the ground. For some reason the particular doll Charles stuck his soul in (sounds like a good porno) is pretty much completely unharmed and is found by a hobo who sells the cursed doll to some broad named Karen Barclay. Karen, being the awesome mom she is, gives it to her son for his birthda-- Okay, hold on one second. Who the hell gives a creepy doll to their son. I understand if little Andy is a girl, but he's not. Regardless of her shitty parenting, Andy accepts his mother's gift, which was probably a bad idea on his part. Nevertheless, Charles (now Chucky because it's adorable and more fitting for a doll) goes on a rampage, first killing Andy's aunt. After that, Chucky convinces Andy to go to old Mister Eddie's house, ya know, for shits and giggles, and then blows it up with Eddie inside.

Relashonship with Tiffany

Tiffany has proven her love for Chucky for years. She wore what she thought was an engagement ring from him ever since he was killed, and she even has a tattoo of a heart with a knife through it and Chucky's name written above it. While Chucky laughed at the idea of him having sex with Tiffany, there is no doubt he has some sort of feelings for her. When the two of them were alone in the van while Jesse and Jade were getting married, Chucky apologizes to Tiffany "for everything". This could possibly include killing her and transferring her soul into a doll's body and laughing at the thought of marriage. Tiffany replies that she always wanted the two of them to spend more time together and see the world. After Tiffany kills the two newlyweds by throwing a champagne bottle into the ceiling mirror, Chucky is no doubt impressed. This was actually what made Chucky say "I love you!" and proposes to her in a romantic way that could only be connected to him. Chucky is down on one knee and holding the severed finger with the wedding ring still attached, and says he should have asked her to marry him a long time ago. Also in the Hackensack Cemetery when Jesse threatens to shoot Tiffany in the head when Chucky has Jade hostage, Jesse tells Chucky to let Jade go and he'll let Tiffany go, Chucky has no choice but to agree. When they are resurrected in Seed of Chucky, Chucky and Tiffany kill one of the Hollywood workers together with a piece of wire. Moments later, they are seen passionately kissing. It can be assumed that this is their own way of apologizing to each for the events Bride of Chucky when Chucky stabbed Tiffany and when Tiffany stabbed Chucky in the back. When Tiffany wants her and Chucky to stop murdering people, it seems that she has no control over herself, while Chucky seems indifferent to murder. Tiffany seems deeply upset when she kills Jennifer Tilly's friend, Joan. Chucky does all he can to comfort her before realizing it was Glenda. Just as Chucky is performing the ritual to transfer his, Tiffany's and Glen's souls into their victims' bodies, there is a moment of shouting and frustration which angers Chucky. He firmly decides that he wants to remain a doll and that being human isn't so great. Chucky states that he already has everything he wants, "a beautiful wife" and a "multi-talented kid." Tiffany leaves him, taking Glen, causing Chucky become heartbroken and enraged. He tries to kill Tiffany, but fails. But later in the movie Chucky stabs Tiffany in the head with an ax.