The Exorcist

A 1973 horror film. Arguably the most famous horror film. Simply because. . .

I can't think of anything funny to say, beacuse im too busy SHITTING MY PANTS!!!!!

Just The Facts

  1. The film has been named the "Scariest Film of All Time" by numerous polls and votes.
  2. People thought there were subliminal messages in the film. This was quickly refuted by author William Blatty who dryly stated "If you can see it, it's not subliminal".
  3. People took the film so seriously, death threats were made against Linda Blair, who played the possessed girl.

"WTF? she just pee'd all over the carpet".

The film starts in Iraq, showing Father Merrin on an archaeological dig, this may be due to some incident's with seminary boy's (Unconfirmed) . After discovering some fucked up stone he gets the jitter's and bolts.

The story moves to Georgetown, Actress Chris MacNeil's daughter Regan starts freaking out, she starts randomly levitating and speaking in a demon-voice that makes everyone in the cinema simultaneously scared. . . and slightly aroused. After the doctors can't do anything, Chris brings her to a psychiatrist, whom, presumbably pissed after getting a number of uncomfortable medical test, Reagan attacks. Also Reagan kills some director. Fuck him.

Thinking it's all in her head, they decide to give her an exorcism, Thinking that in her mind an exorcism would get rid of her "Demon". Because all the throwing grown men and levitating is normal for a crazy person.

Normal crazy person.

The girl from The Exorcist.

As it turns out Reagan isn't just possesed by a demon, but Satan himself. Father Merrin is brought to do the Exorcism, because him and Satan have similiar`interests, they both like being in little kids. (Too much?)

At the finale, Father Merrin's heart says "Fuck it!!!!". While the other Priest tries to save him, Reagan giggles causing the Priest to bitch-slaps her and lets Satan to posses him instead, He takes a swan-dive out a window. He gets last rites and everyone lives happily ever after.


Theset was racked by "strange happening's" . Now let's debunk the shit out of them.

1-A fire apparently burned through the house, leaving the bedroom untouched. Spooky.

Explanation-Rather then the Devil burning through the house because he was unhappy, how about this, Those sets back then wouldn't have the safest wireing, maybe the bedroom had safer wiring? maybe the bedroom didn't have any flamable substances? Maybe the fire was put out before it reached the fucking bedroom.

"Hey! Bob did you put out that fire in the bedroom?"

"Yeah i got it before it reached you're porn".

"Dios mio! we must worship it!"

-More or less how every religious relic was ordained.-

2-Jack MacGowran was killed during filming. People saw ths as the Devil's revenge for him starring in "The Fearless Vampire Killers"

Explanation-MacGowran died from the Flu, ok. Like hundreds of people died from the Flu, but you don't hear me saying "OMG!!!!! it's the devil's work!not a perfectly explainable`infection!!!!!!!!" . People and goldfish die. It's the way of life. You just have to flush them down the toilet and move on.

3-Blair's harness broke when she thrashed on the bed.

Explanation-Ok, no scene is completed in one take, and if i remember she did a lot of thrashing on that bed. Harnesses back then weren't the strongest.

4-Burystyn was "hurt" when Blair threw her across the room. STOP BITCHING, honestly who knew getting thrown across a room would hurt. Crybaby.

A lot of other film's were released but as always, They sucked.