Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are one of the greatest football teams in the world.

You know what happens to girls when they get cold?  They put clothes on.

Shrek's step uncle from Sheboygan.

Just The Facts

  1. The Packers got their name from the Indian Packing Company. The company packed meat.
  2. The Packers are the only community owned, non-profit major professional sports team in the U.S.
  3. The Super Bowl trophy was renamed the Vince Lombardi trophy, after the greatest NFL coach ever.
  4. The Packers arch rivals are the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and sometimes the Detroit Lions.
  5. Brett Favre used to be one of the greatest QB's ever.
  6. The Packers have won 12 NFL championships since the teams inception. NFL Record. Count it.

Team Background

Old school Packers.


  • The Green Bay Packers were founded by Curly Lambeau, and a bunch of other dudes. They talked Lambeau's employer, The Indian Packing Company into providing the team with equipment and use of it's athletic field along with the company's beer kegarator.
  • The name "Packers" comes from San Francisco. Just kidding..
  • Games took place in open fields with no bleachers, fences, or bleachers, or in other words a sandlot. A hat was passed for fans to make donations to support the team, kind of like at church.

Curley Lambeau flanked by neither Moe nor Larry.

1920- Stands were built so fans didn't have to stand. People had to pay to sit (or stand) there. The bleachers only held about 200 drunks.

1921- The Packers lost to the Chicago Staleys (soon to be renamed the Bears) in Chicago. This was the birth of one the most heated rivalries in history, next to Germany vs. France, Tastes Great vs. Less Filling and East Coast vs. West Coast.

1923-Packers makeshift stadium was torn down to make way for a new area high school. WTF?


  • Fans of the Packers demanded a stadium for the team. A new stadium was built for the team. It was called City Stadium, because the name "football field" was too unoriginal. The stadium had wood bleachers and fences. It was so awesome you could even use the ground to hold your beer.


Packers win their 1st three league titles. The league winner, at the time, was based on who had the best record. Tie breakers decided by the team with the hottest cheer-wenches (later on called cheerleaders).


Packers win the NFL Championship game by beating the Boston Redskins in '36, the NY Giants in '39, and the Boston Redskins in '44. NFL Championship games were started in 1933 to bring a final climax to a long hard season.

Packer Cheer Broad

1959-Vince Lombardi becomes head coach. Packers post first winning season in 12 years.

1967-Packers plow over the Cowboys to win the "Ice Bowl." The Packers win sends them to the first Superbowl.

1967-Packers win 1st ever Superbowl, putting the Kansas Cheifs over their knee and spanking them by a score of 35-10.


Packers win 2nd Superbowl by bitch slapping the Oakland Raiders 33-14.

1996-The Packers push over the Patriots to win the Superbowl.

1997- The Packers let John Elway win his first Superbowl by laying down for the Broncos.

Fans of Green Bay

Fans of Green Bay are some of the most loyal mofo's in the world. If you want to get season tickets you are put on a waiting list of about 1,000 years. People put their great, great, great, great, etc. grandchildren on the waiting list in hopes that cryogenics is perfected and they can watch the game with their family.

Packers players ride fan's bikes to practice. Because walking is too difficult.

A traditon during Packers training camp is that players "borrow" kid's bikes and ride them to practice.

Donald Driver doing the Lambeau Leap after a touchdown.

3 out of 4 dogs pefer Green Bay over Chicago.

Dogs are some of the Packers greatest supporters. They would rather watch the game then lick themselves. That's loyalty folks.

Rather then become football widows and die a lonely death, some women actually try to understand what the hell is going on. Brett Favre is the only person they know on the team. Too bad he is not a Packer anymore. Now women don't know if they should cheer for the Vikings or Packers.

Packers fans will forsake clothes in the coldest of temperatures just to prove how much they love their team. Sometimes this makes us puke.


The Packers belong to the NFC North Division, which is a subdivision of the NFC, which is a subdivison of the NFL. Fellow NFC North teams include the Chicago "Bad News" Bears, Minnesota "Purple People Eater" Vikings, and the Detroit "Area High School" Lions.

Go Pack Go!!

Above:A Crappy Bear's QB assumes the position. Next Above: The only times Cutler doesn't throw an INT is when he's sacked.

It's hard to run to daylight when you're in a shitty domed stadium.

Brooke Hogan is a avid Vikings Fan.

Al "Autobot" Harris puts an end to Calvin "Megatron" Johnson's shenanigans.

Some of the Greatest Players in Packers History.

Hutson "I've got a lot of balls, G."

Don Hutson WR ,Don Hutson was the premier reciever during the last Ice Age. He held the NFL receiving TD's record until Jerry Rice broke it. The Packers named their training facility the Don Hutson center. This was because Hutson was awesome and the team should practice like him.

Sterling Sharpe WR in the 90's. Sterling Sharpe had the coolest name in the NFL when he played. He was Brett Favre's favorite target besides the other team's defense. Sterling helped Favre become a great
QB by catching Favre's bullets with his bare hands. Sharpe injured his neck in a game and was forced to retire.

Are you carrying our love child?

Brett Favre QB, 1991-2012. Brett Favre is one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game. He helped transform the Packers into a Super Bowl team. Sometimes he picked up the team and carried them to victory. Now he's a Viking so who cares about him now? Not Packer's fans.