NASA Bombs The Moon

NASA sent two satellites to hit the moon, all in the name of science.


plus this....

equals this?

Just The Facts

  1. NASA is sending one ship to smash into the moon, because giant explosions solve everything.
  2. There will be another ship following that one to take pictures.
  3. NASA hopes that by hitting the moon, the debris that rises will show if there is any water.
  4. NASA got really bored after the '60s.

NASA and explosions.

One day, a few months ago, a team of NASA employees were sitting at a table in a conference room. After staring intently at each other for half an hour, one of them said "Hey, why not nuke the moon?" And so a project was born.

In reality, NASA has been trying to establish that water exists on the moon for years. They appointed Dan Andrews at command of the project, and he formed a team called the Blue Ice team, which sounds a lot like a crappy football team. Not having the money, ability, or time to create a sophisticated moon rover to search for water, Dan went for the next best thing: Blowing shit up. Which has lead us at Cracked to name Dan Andrews officially awesome.

Dan planned to crash two things into the moon: A projectile to stir up dust, and sattelite that would orbit over the crash site and pick up data. Then it would crash too. Presumbably because you can never have enough explosions.

"Seriously guys, it's going to be huge!"

NASA and Conspiracy Theorists.

NASA has had a long, tiring relationship with conspiracies. Wether it's the moon landing conspiracy or the theory that the world is flat and NASA is lying to us about it, people seem to really distrust them. So when some news outlets (read: youtube) started screaming NASAS GOING TO BLOW UP THE MOON OH MY GOD, your average conspiracy theorist creamed his khaki pants.

However, both sattelites impacted and the Moon was left undamaged, if a little emotionally scarred. NASA one, internet: zero.