Everybody Loves Raymond

'Everybody Loves Raymond' is an American sitcom often referred to as 'Everybody Loves Retards', pertaining to the show's characters and audience.

Just The Facts

  1. Everybody Loves Raymond is 9 Seasons of sexual tension between Ray Romano and Doris Roberts.
  2. All-star cast includes Olive Garden Italian Ray Romano, featuring bitch and Young Frankenstein, and Peter Boyle.
  3. Compelling dialouge includes "Holy crap," "Everybody loves Raymond," canned laughter.


Everybody Loves Raymond centers on successful New York sportswriter Ray Barone's pointless, insipid life. The show's selling point is that Ray's family is shitty, and uninteresting. Through the medium of the sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond fails on many levels in conveying humor to its viewers. Instead, it focuses on hack plotlines, usually involving some sort of family crises related to Ray Romano's penis, a bit of humorous commentary by the cast ("holy crap," nasally mumbling, Brad Garrett's penis), and the problem inexplicably fixing itself much to the confusion of the audience, who after watching 30 minutes of turd sandwich realize that it isn't real. For example, in one episode, the statue of Marie's vagina is teleported to the 13th floor of the gyhybrid reactor chamber from which the Victorian era-spirits in charge of marketing the show are summoned, after failing to entertain anyone with a face (and raping people without faces). Or something.