Hipsters. You can't miss 'em. Every time you're scoffed at by your barista, or have to swerve around a dread-lock-sporting white dude on a fixed gear bike, chances are you've encountered a hipster.

This example Hipster bulges with apathy, irony, and probably corndogs.

Just The Facts

  1. Hipsters are usually between 16 and 30.
  2. Hipsters commonly identify with the 'indie' subculture.
  3. The term 'Hipster' has been around since the 1940's, and originally described someone who was knowledgeable about Jazz music/culture.
  4. It now describes someone who is knowledgeble about where to find thickly framed glasses.
  5. That which constitutes Hipsterdom is hard to nail down, as it is such a broad term. Prevailing attitudes and philosophies largely center around apathy, esoteric cultural items, and irony.

Hipster Checklist

Do you crave attention? Do you have an over-developed appreciation for irony? Are you willing to put more effort into looking like you don't care than most people put into looking like they do care? Then you might just be ready for the world of Hipsterdom! Here's a brief introductory checklist for your new counter-culture costume:



  • Tight-fitting plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves.
  • T-shirt depicting either a crappy band, or good 80's cartoon.
  • Ratty, torn 'jeans with patches composed of at least three different materials.
  • Beat-up fedora that "some homeless guy totally gave you when you let him bum one of your clove cigarettes this one time, I swear."


  • T-shirt 3 sizes too big for you.
  • Scarf that when unrolled is at least your height. (Note: Yes, even in the summer.)
  • Neon pink spandex leggings. Bonus points for cigarette burns and drunk-stumble tears.
  • Large belt of some kind. Make absolutely sure the belt serves no functional purpose.


Stick to these or similar guidelines and you'll be sure to land that barista job or poetry slam spot!