The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island is a successful comedy group known for their humorous music videos and members who work as cast and crew on Saturday Night Live. Also known as the "I'm On a Boat" guys.

Step 7. Get permission to film your next music video: Camel Humpin'

Just The Facts

  1. Formed by Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer
  2. The only one you know is Andy Samberg
  3. Responsible for such popular videos as "Dick in a Box", "Jizz In My Pants", and "Motherlover"
  4. Their debut album is called Incredibad, which sums it up perfectly

Cracked on the Lonely Island

The Lonely Island is one of the internet's most consistently funny comedy groups to come out in a long time. We here at Cracked feel bad trying to make fun of the guys because they are genuinely nice, funny guys. However, the comedy business is a dog-eat-dog world, and we're sorry to say that we can't take exception to the Lonley Island. Brace yourselves, Jizz fans, it's gonna get rough.

Early on, The Lonely Island was focused on writing and producing fake TV pilots. Among these were The 'Bu, a wildly popular internet series, and Awesometown, an actual TV pilot that FOX rejected. Yes, you read that right. FOX can support stuff like this:

But not stuff like this:

Seriously FOX what the hell. Glenn Beck over Frazzles? That's some fucked-up logic at play. Anyways, after a while of directing these pretty funny videos and putting them on the internet, they eventually landed a gig writing jokes for the MTV Video Music Awards. Jimmy Fallon, who was hosting, was pretty impressed at how much funnier these guys were than he was. He told his manager Lorne Michaels about them and soon enough, Fallon was off of Saturday Night Live and The Lonely Island was. Really though, Lorne's decision was easy. it's like eating a half-moldy piece of rat carcass for a week and then being introduced to the taste of steak. Juicy, succulent Lonely Island steak.

Soon after, The Lonely Island introduced a new segment to SNL called Digital Shorts, pre-shot videos that they could run during airtime. Their first big hit was Lazy Sunday, a rap about going to go see the Chronicles of Narnia. We aren't kidding. They made that funny. After that, success came in the forms of Dick in a Box, Jizz In My Pants, I'm On a Boat, Motherlover, and recently, To the Ground. The Lonely Island directed a music video about throwing stuff on the ground and it was considered the funniest part of the SNL episode. That's saying something. In fact, their songs were so popular that they even got a record deal and put on an album, Incredibad.

The cover art depicts the three members of Lonely Island touching Larry King's finger

CRACKED NOTE: Hey Lonely Island... if any of you are reading this article, maybe you'd like to join our Comedy Workshop? We mean, you guys are cool right? Maybe make a funny video for Cracked... you know... it'd be cool and stuff... just sayin'