Sleepwalking is an act of engaging in everyday activities whilst asleep. You could be dreading the fact that you have to do all the laundry and then you find a basket full of clean clothes just for you, Pal! So sleepwalking can't be all bad right?


Just The Facts

  1. Boys are more prone to the sleepwalking disorder when compared to girls.
  2. Medical reports show that about 18% of the population worldwide suffers from sleepwalking disorders.
  3. Frequent incidents of sleepwalking can cause health problems as it disturbs the normal sleeping pattern.
  4. Sleepwalking sucks.

Crazy Shit People Have Done While Sleepwalking

-A professional tennis player from Canada, severed an artery in his leg while sleepwalking after breaking a window and crawling out through the broken shards.

(You would think that the sound of broken glass would have woken him up...or perhaps the horrible pain of glass cutting into your flesh...)

-A British citizen, is accused of murdering his father while sleepwalking. When police arrived at his residence, he was running around his front yard screaming while naked. He was later quoted as saying "I was on fine terms with my father - fantastic. I have always sleepwalked - it's never been a problem".

(...He had me at 'naked.' *Wink*)

-A man in the Middle East reportedly divorced his wife while sleepwalking. Under Sharia law, a man need only repeat the phrase "I divorce you" three times to make the divorce binding and final. However, the couple doesn't want to divorce and have appealed to an Islamic court. There is a clause in the law nullifying important declarations while someone is intoxicated, which is the basis for the couple's appeal.

(So I suppose that one worked well in the end, unlike the others.)

-A 29-year-old man who was afflicted with a history of sleepwalking once used his master key to enter every room to his company's apartment complex. As a building manager he was often under great amounts of stress, and his wife once found him sitting in his car with the motor running, staring out the window.