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UPDATE: Now that everything has been automated, we're not going ot be updating this list as frequently, for the same reason that the Editors of Wikipedia don't have an index page listing every single Wikipedia topic. If you've completed all the required fields, your page is elligible! 


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Winners/Staff Editors Status  
Autoerotic Asphyxiation KarlaPacheco Staff View
Battlefield Earth David Wong, DCD Contender View
Boobs ninja Winner View
Celebrity Baby Names jobrien, InGortWeTrust Staff View
Chuck Norris eddie_lummox Winner View
David Caruso jobrien Staff View
Fox News Technohawk Winner View
G.I. Joe mjxd Winner View
iPhone LukeMcKinney Staff View
James Bond nathan_birch, BondFiction Winner View
Japan DCD Winner View
Larry King G-Stone Staff View
Marijuana Legalization jobrien, David Wong Staff View
Memes LukeMcKinney Staff View
Miss California KarlaPacheco Staff View
Nicolas Cage daniel., jobrien Staff View
Robots mjxd Winner View
Ron Howard jobrien, David Wong Staff View
Steven Seagal eddie_lummox Staff View
Tattoos LukeMcKinney Staff View
The Death Star daniel., jobrien Staff View
The Terminator LukeMcKinney Staff View
Twilight sephira, Nimby Winner View
Vampires ninja Winner View
Completed Pages Editors Status  
24 Technohawk Contender View
2012 Lope Contender View
#Twitbook daniel. Contender View
Academy Awards DCD Contender View
Achewood Deathwish Jones Contender View
Advertising Glenn Contender View
Akira Kurosawa DCD Contender View
Alcohol vorvetto Contender View
Apple theentireqwerty Contender View
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Skinnymojo Contender View
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quagmar Contender View
Ayn Rand TimeHeroOctopus Contender View
Bacon bigmike53916 Contender View
Barack Obama PurpleTowel Contender View
Battlestar Galactica Oregano Angercock Contender View
Beer Theta Contender View
Benjamin Franklin MacsenWledig Contender View
Black Books QueenE Contender View
Boston Red Sox Theta Contender View
Britain Herodotus Contender View
Britney Spears jekelish Contender View
Buffy The Vampire Slayer raknade Contender View
California ninja Contender View
Christian Bale College Binary Contender View
Christopher Walken Fortey Contender View
Comic Book Movies College Binary Contender View
Daft Punk nchammer326 Contender View
Dan Lacey eddie_lummox Contender View
Danny Dyer thetomwatts Contender View
Death Wish Rutledal Contender View
Dexter Ripper, sephira Contender View
Disastrous Product Names snowblind98 Contender View
Discworld Stumpy Joe Contender View
Dragons capricia13 Contender View
Drugs RIPodb Contender View
Dungeons and Dragons capricia13 Contender View
Emos skatfree Contender View
Eurovision fmontgomery Contender View
Extinct Creatures Verminator Contender View
Facebook windel Contender View
Fanfiction sephira Contender View
Finland Finlander Contender View
Flipping The Bird thanebot3000 Contender View
Funny Chicks FunnynotSlutty Contender View
Futurama Katezors Contender View
Gambling Quagmar Contender View
Gears of War CleanHarry Contender View
George W. Bush porpoise-song Contender View
Greek Mythology Dan the Great Contender View
Gremlins capricia13 Contender View
Grey's Anatomy vampwix Contender View
Half Life Vodstok Contender View
Halloween scythemantis Contender View
Halo 3 AwesomePartyGuy Contender View
Hamburgers R Felix Contender View
Heroes eddie_lummox Contender View
High School Panicman123 Contender View
Hipsters BennyB Contender View
Ice Hockey Bishopwhitet Contender View
Ireland clarkekentyboy Contender View
James Dean porpoise-song Contender View
Japanese Monsters scythemantis Contender View
John Dies at the End David Wong Contender View
Judd Apatow Movies KingScilla Contender View
Judge Dredd DevlindeSade Contender View
Karate Kid jekelish Contender View
LeBron James codespyder Contender View
Led Zeppelin sr3116 Contender View
Legend of Zelda CleanHarry Contender View
LOLcats capricia13 Contender View
Mad Men Theta Contender View
Magic: The Gathering GalahadPC Contender View
Magnum P.I. Rutledal Contender View
Martial Arts ninja Contender View
Marvel Comics DCD Contender View
Mega Man LanceUppercut Contender View
Metal Music Arkard Contender View
Metallica ninja Contender View
Miami Vice rockysullivan Contender View
Michael Bay todd13 Contender View
Microsoft AkibaTechno Contender View
Miley Cyrus johnnythejunkie Contender View
Moon Hoax Conspiracy Firebird Contender View
Motorcycles ThursdaysChild Contender View
MST3K jekelish, DCD, Pandajuice Contender View
Mystery, The Pick Up Artist Daisho Contender View
Nikola Tesla porpoise-song Contender View
Nintendo Wii Kendall Contender View
Online Culture Chab Gassie Contender View
Peanut Butter capricia13 Contender View
Philip K Dick Stumpy Joe Contender View
Pokemon Manhammer Contender View
Poland Arkard Contender View
Portal Vodstok Contender View
Power Rangers bigmike53916, Chewie19 Contender View
PWoT Forum Navigator2001Plus, Stumpy Joe Contender View
Red Bull capricia13 Contender View
Robert Downey Jr. porpoise-song Contender View
Russia ninja Contender View
Samuel L. Jackson DCD Contender View
Sarah Palin sephira Contender View
Scientology Herodotus Contender View
Scrubs Byzie Contender View
Sex Toys Fortey Contender View
Shaun of the Dead jekelish Contender View
Shia LaBeouf skatfree Contender View
Silent Bob MrTweek Contender View
Star Trek capricia13 Contender View
Stargate SG-1 scrovak Contender View
Stephen King College Binary Contender View
Steve Buscemi howulikethemapp Contender View
Supernatural Ripper, sephira Contender View
Sweden shundawe Contender View
Takeshi Kitano Stumpy Joe Contender View
Tasering Remington Contender View
Technology ninja Contender View
Teddy Roosevelt du_Man Contender View
The Cannon Group Inc. Rutledal Contender View
The Deep Ocean scythemantis Contender View
The Divine Comedy happydude Contender View
The Kentucky Derby capricia13 Contender View
The Man With No Name porpoise-song Contender View
The Matrix bigmike53916 Contender View
The Muppets Fitzgerald Contender View
The OC magentaelephant Contender View
The ShamWow Guy Secret Agent Contender View
The Simpsons Quagmar Contender View
The US Military wolfgirl90 Contender View
The Wire Nicol Contender View
The Young Ones Skinnymojo Contender View
Tool Use by Non-Primates medievaloctopus Contender View
Top 6 Most Bad Ass Ways To Die snowblind98 Contender View
UFC SteelFan714 Contender View
Ultimate Warrior Fitzgerald Contender View
Vinnie Jones I-Rod Contender View
Warhammer 40k Cobramaster, shadowice558 Contender View
Web Comics The Evil Sloth Contender View
Wheel of Time Kathana Contender View
Winston Churchill porpoise-song Contender View
WNBA gmoney8 Contender View
World of Warcraft sadistic midget, Mortal Wombat Contender View
World Wrestling Entertainment numerator Contender View
Xbox 360 Navigator2001Plus Contender View
Zombies ninja, scrovak Contender View

Topics Pages That Need to be Completed in the Next 7 Days

UPDATE: The new and improved Topics Page section has been launched. You no longer have to request pages here, or at all. All you have to do is go to our Topics Page index page here, and either pick up topics from the Most Wanted list, or search the topic you want in the search box and follow the prompts.

Three other things that have changed, or become automated:
1. You can own only one unpublished topics page at a time.
2. Once you become the owner of a topic, you have 7 days to complete and publish it. If you do not meet the requirements and publish the page, it will become available for other editors to claim.
3. We understand that sometimes you may need a little more time. If you'd like to give yourself a second chance, you are allowed to become the editor of the same topic but the deadline will be 3 days. If you do not publish it within 3 days, you will not be able to be the editor of the topic again. Ever.

As you might have seen in the contest thread, we're giving folks a week to complete their pages going forward. This is now automated.

 One note for people with pending pages: Through our manual process, we have allowed users to own more than one page.  If these users try to adopt or create another page, they will have to give up all of their pending pages. 

Title Editors Status  
Lost Drunk Nerds Due 6/24 View
Area 51 Sinan_Malik Due 6/24 View
Ninjas mitchrog Due 6/24 View
Werner Herzog GeorgyGirl Due 6/24 View
Billy Mays karmapoliceman Due 6/24 View
The Office magentaelephant Due 6/24 View
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann magentaelephant Due 6/24 View
Hentai Arkard Due 6/24 View
Auto-Tune Fitzgerald Due 6/24 View
Guns ninja Due 6/24 View
Russian Writers lleritas Due 6/24 View
Dan Brown lleritas Due 6/24 View
Mentos todd13 Due 6/24 View
Attack Girl Swim Team vs. the Undead jdxblitz323 Due 6/24 View
NHL jdxblitz323 Due 6/24 View
Electronic Dance Music manager12390 Due 6/24 View
Illegal Immigration manager12390 Due 6/24 View
Chess Boxing jdxblitz323 Due 6/24 View
Family Guy jaykay Due 6/24 View
Metal Gear Monoxx Due 6/24 View
Movie Montages Rutledal Due 6/24 View
Hellraiser autumnsky38 Due 6/24 View
Sex Fortey Due 6/24 View
Neil Gaiman Fortey Due 6/24 View
Clint Eastwood porpoise-song Due 6/24 View
Christopher Nolan Richard_Jokes Due 6/24 View
The Mighty Boosh GeorgyGirl Due 6/24 View
Bollywood purplebrains Due 6/24 View
Trainspotting karmapoliceman Due 6/24 View
Pornography Worstmoves Due 6/24 View
Doug fairlylucid Due 6/24 View
Zombie Movies Ellie_Elbub Due 6/24 View
Encyclopedia Brown SeanGleeson Due 6/24 View
Vlad the Impaler Koctagon Due 6/24 View
Manny Pacquiao skratcher Due 6/24 View
Bruno KarlaPacheco Due 6/24 View
Dumbledore LukeMcKinney Due 6/24 View
Hockey Fights jdxblitz323 Due 6/24 View
Joss Whedon manager12390 Due 6/24 View
Alex Chiu McGarnagle Due 6/24 View
Christopher Lambert Yaldabaoth Due 6/24 View
Bottom Skinnymojo Due 6/24 View
Baconaisse Chloroform Due 6/24 View
Cheese skatfree Due 6/24 View
Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer DevlindeSade Due 6/24 View
J. R. R. Tolkein Scooby Due 6/24 View
Sex Pistols Chloroform Due 6/24 View
Mary Jane Watson daniel. Due 6/19 View
Dave Grohl mmandy, Danny G, serena, deanburris Due 6/19 View
Disney Theme Parks subsonic Due 6/19 View
House Nimby Due 6/19 View
Politics PaleHorse Due 6/19 View
Conspiracy Theories Samwise Due 6/19 View
Hanukkah SmooveO Due 6/19 View
Robert E. Howard DCD Due 6/19 View
Solomon Kane DCD Due 6/19 View
Transformers GalvaTRION Due 6/19 View
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles GalvaTRION Due 6/19 View
Kamen Rider GalvaTRION Due 6/19 View
Godzilla GalvaTRION Due 6/19 View
Jean-Claude Van Damme daniel. Due 6/19 View
Bruce Campbell Spikan Due 6/19 View
Death DCD Due 6/19 View
Lindsay Lohan ninja Due 6/19 View
Slasher Films TheSmartAlec Due 6/19 View
Calvin & Hobbes shoes22 Due 6/19 View
2012 Predictions happydude Due 6/19 View
Pro Wrestling Gimmicks Cleverusername Due 6/19 View
Kevin Smith polancoj16 Due 6/19 View
Firefly Serenity Reika Due 6/19 View
Megan Fox KarlaPacheco Due 6/19 View
Captain Planet happydude Due 6/19 View
John DiMaggio Spikan Due 6/19 View
The Venture Bros KingScilla Due 6/19 View
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas plynchy888 Due 6/19 View
Gordan Ramsay plynchy888 Due 6/19 View
New Jersey nchammer326 Due 6/19 View
Kentucky Grilled Chicken Esbat Due 6/19 View
Iron Chef Vodstok Due 6/19 View
Mustaches AceJustice Due 6/19 View
Doctor Who PurpleCarpet Due 6/19 View
Bigfoot cryptoking Due 6/19 View
The Scientist Vermillion Due 6/19 View
Lifestyle in China windel Due 6/19 View
Night At The Museum Bucher Due 6/19 View
Anne Hathaway sammysam Due 6/19 View
David Duchovny TheATM Due 6/19 View
South Park Vodstok Due 6/19 View
Starbucks Truthiness Due 6/19 View
Miami Vivaengland Due 6/19 View
80's Bands SWolf Due 6/19 View
Video Games stickguy Due 6/19 View
Unemployment bluemooner1 Due 6/19 View
Lil Wayne Fitzgerald Due 6/19 View