Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried is a comedian/actor/writer from the Fran Drescher school of acting and screeching.

I love you THIS much!

Just The Facts

  1. Gottfried began doing stand-up comedy at fifteen.
  2. In 2006, Gottfried beat fellow comedian CarrotTop to win the Boston Phoenix's "Unsexiest Man in the World."
  3. The annoying AFLAC duck? That's Gilbert's voice right there.
  4. The lead singer of Rush? That's NOT Gilbert. That's Geddy Lee.
  5. Concerning the documentary "The Aristocrats,' Entertainment Weekly said, "Out of the 101 comedians who appear on screen (including Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, Eric Idle and Lewis Black), no one is funnier - or more disgusting - than...Gilbert Gottfried."

Claims to Fame

Gilbert Gottfried started in stand-up comedy, but his voice and look set him up perfectly for a career in cartoon voice-overs: Digit from Cyberchase, Dr. Bender from The Fairly OddParents, Iago from pretty much any Aladdin-related spinoff/sequel. Which is not to say that he didn't have some success in the world of television comedy: he made appearances on Saturday Night Live (including some of the funny seasons), The Cosby Show, Wings, Mad About You, and Night Court. Gottfried's longest tenure was as co-host of USA network's Up All Night (originally co-hosted with Caroline Schlitt and later with Rhonda Shear). Many of his fans have attributed Up All Night's success to Gilbert's flawless comic delivery.

The real reason behind Up All Night's success.

The real reason behind Up All Night's success

In addition to his raspy voice, Gottfried's stand-up routine features his constant squinting, an affectation which caused his career to take off. Unfortunately, in a galling lack of foresight, he failed to trademark this mannerism, which ultimately allowed French Stewart to also achieve stardom.

Here are three of Gottfried's most popular routines:

The Land of The Three Name People (safe for work)

The Aristocats (not safe for work)

Joan Rivers' Vagina (not safe for any damn thing)

Politics, Popularity, and Super Powers

Like most celebrities, Gilbert Gottfried's political views are completely irrelevant. However, as this scientifically-constructed chart indicates, his views are important to some poeple.

Gilbert Gottfried's Approval Rating

Gilbert Gottfried's approval ratings among several key demographics

Another similarity between Gottfried and most celebrities: speculation about his (possible) super powers. The following three powers have been alleged (but have yet to be verified in a laboratory setting):

The ability to give reporters orgasms.

The ability to deceive game show contestants.

The ability to melt human skin.

[youtube video has been deleted for National Security purposes]