Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin is a daughter of Peter Griffin in the show Family Guy. She is ugly, and completely unloved. Trust me, she deserves it.

Yeah.  Like anyone could love that cow.

This is Mila Kunis.  She voices Meg.  Anyone could love her.

Just The Facts

  1. Meg is almost always seen with that ridiculous hat on.
  2. She's kinda chubby.
  3. Most people kill themselves when they are asked to go on a date with her
  4. She's ugly.
  5. Seriously. She's fugly.

Meg, Seasons 1-3

Meg's appearance has never changed, except for in one episode.


However, much about her has changed over the years. In season one, Mila Kunis was not the voice of Meg, but took over in season two, and has been the voice ever since. Also, in Seasons 1-3, Meg was not really on the receiving end of so many jokes

Yes, she was whiny, fickle, and obsessed with being popular (wow, sounds like all women), but she wasn't really hated.

Seasons 3 and beyond

Peter hates Meg.

Lois hates Meg (though she does sometimes give Meg Advice).

Chris seems okay with Meg (going to her for advice).

Stewie hates Meg.

Brian is usually too drunk to give a shit.

And, Quagmire wants to bang Meg (along with any other breathing woman).

Cleveland also quips Meg is "My least favorite of your children"

Meg usually responds to this by saying "I hate you" or threatening suicide, which Lois sometimes seems to encourage.

Mila Kunis

MIla is actually from Ukraine, and has been in several movies.

However, after seeing her in American Psycho 2, starring with William Shatner, I was horrified and gouged my eyes out. I have yet to see her in a movie since.

there is no God.

Beyond that, Mila was also in That 70's show. Go figure. Does that make an odd link to MacFarlane's daughter character in American Dad? Wow. I think I just found a conspiracy.