Ronald Jenkees

You may or may not have heard of Ronald Jenkees. You may or may not have seen Ronald Jenkees. If you have seen Ronald Jenkees, you may not want to hear him. But if you have heard Ronald Jenkees, you will definitely want to see him.

But you're here, so you have to see him.

Just The Facts

  1. Ronald Jenkees is an amazing musician.
  2. Ronald Jenkees has the best hip-hop producer's name, ever.
  3. Ronald Jenkees will make you cream yourself.

Ronald, the Musician.

Ronald Jenkees. Or as I like to call him, the Jenk master. The only thing Ronald has in common with jenk is, however, the wonderfully euphoric experience of enjoying it. In all seriousness, Ronald Jenkees is a talented keyboard player who, although never having taken lessons, is so good at what he does you will , in comparison, feel like useless garbage. But what makes him so good? Well. Ronald Jenkees is a master of what is commonly referred to as 'jamming so hard he makes Viagra embarrased'. Using his fingers of glory, Ronald layers beats upon beats with pure aural ectasy to create the feeling of a hip-hop rave solo of pure gold.

Here is a list of tags from Ronald's videos that I may or may not have made up:

Hip-hop, awesome, solo, keyboard, synthesizer, orgasm, electronic, awesome, change of pants.

A bit about Ronald as a person. Image a goof. Now, put a little bit of weight on him. Now, endow him with fingers of the gods, and several thousand hats. Also, charisma. He couldn't read music as a kid/teen. His band teacher had no choice but to let Ronald 'jam' at competitions and perhaps rape the judge's eardrums with a polyphony of aural sensations. (say that out loud, aural sensations...hehee) Ronald performs bits of his songs on Youtube, which he fondly addresses as "Youtubes". You can't help but love Ronald Jenkees. Well...ok, Ronald has one flaw. His rapping leaves a bit to be desired. But if you're in the mood for a good lol, check it out.

Ok. So, that's a bit about Ronald. This article's gotta be a little on the short side, describing Ronald Jenkees with words is akin to describing sex with Braille. Check out the links down there of the Jenk Master himself on some hawt beats.