The Muppets

One man's acid flashbacks became the world's cherished memories.

Just The Facts

  1. Started with a frog.
  2. Caught on during the 60s.
  3. On the shoulders of programs like Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock; Muppets became a cultural icon and mainstay.

The Beginning

The muppets made their debut in Henson's Sam and Friends, a show that he put on for local networks in Washington, D.C. While the star of this show was Sam, a human puppet, it was also the debut of the most iconic Muppet in the world: Kermit the Frog.

Sam and Friends ran its course by the end of the 50s, but gave way to a television revolution. The program paved the way for Henson's next project: Sesame Street, a hit that showed the country that television was an easy and acceptable alternative to getting a babysitter.

Sesame Street

Sesame street is a program aimed at teaching children elementary skills, such as counting, spelling and word association. It takes place on the imaginary Sesame Street, a place where monsters and humans coexist peacefully.

Primary in its message was teaching children to be accepting and understanding of other people and cultures. This is best displated through the Muppets on the show, that all have an issue or disorder of some form. For example:

OCD Schizophrenic Narcissistic

Closet cases ODD Addiction

Through this method, Sesame Street helped children to realize that no matter where they are, at any given time they're surrounded by people who are deeply troubled; and that they should accept them no matter how nuthouse crazy they are.

The Muppet Show

With the popularity of Sesame Street Henson started on a new more adult oriented project. This project was The Muppet Show.

Fraggle Rock

After tripping on some acid, Henson went back to his child-roots and created Fraggle Rock.

The Empire